Thursday, September 9, 2010


It's September which means the Akron Half Marathon is quickly approaching. From now, it about 2 weeks away. I guess I'll be ready. I mean, I know I can run the distance, I'm just wondering what I can do with it. It's hard to tell. My easy runs and long runs have been getting progressively faster with the same effort. I've recently been hoovering around the 8:00 p/mile mark with the jogger for my regular runs and 8:20 p/mile for my 12 mile longer runs. I decided to throw in a couple tempo runs which haven't been half bad. The one legit tempo workout was a 2 mile easy run, 3 tempo (7:18, 7:03, 6:52), 2 mile easy. Not too bad. My breathing and everything felt really good, my body felt a little out of sorts which was to be expected. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the progression. I'm just wondering what will happen with the Half.

This weekend I plan on running a 5K if everything works out. I thought about running one on Labor Day, but there was just too much going on. I feel like I really should run a shorter race to see where I'm at before Akron. I'm interested to see how it goes. I'll report on that after the fact.

In baby news, my little guys is rolling over, babbling away, drooling like a pug, sitting up with support, and laughing. It's simply wonderful to witness all these things. I truly mean that. Lately I'm questioning weather or not he is teething with all the fussing and anti nap attitude...but it could be growth as well. At his 4 month appointment, he took the shots really well which made me happy. He came in at just over 18 pounds and 26 inches long. He's still growing like a weed. I love him so much.

Our annual quality audit it tomorrow at work which means I need to be there all day. Yuck yuck yuck. My mom is going to watch the little guys. I'm kind of nervous about getting him up so early and dragging him into work then having my mom watch him while he's been fussy. I keep telling myself it's only one day. I think it may be good for everyone. Hopefully, things will go okay.

So, things are progressing along at our household. I'm keeping very busy and am constantly thankful for all the friends and family that I have that make my life sane. Seriously, I don't know what I would do without them....and it's wonderful that my little guy will have so many little ones to play with. Thank you everyone.


JenC said...

Sounds like you should do well at the half!

I'm grateful for you and Nathan also! I think our kids are in a race to see who can be biggest! : )

Mandie said...

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