Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lucky Me

Life is good 10 weeks out from delivery. I swear the baby changes everyday. It's so neat to see how he is progressing. I always tell him he's not allowed to grow up, but if he does, he needs to be a happy man and always love his family (especially mom!!). He is smiling so much now and is doing his baby talk more and more. It really makes my heart melt. He has discovered how to swat at his hanging toys in the baby gym and giggles at them. He is stubborn and lets you know what he doesn't like something. Not a very patient person at this point in his life. At his 2 month appointment he was almost 14 pounds. He's a really big boy!

I really do love being at home with him. I started working 10 hours a week from home on some quality control work...and that is more then enough for me at this point. Trying to keep the house in order, baby happy, and working out is crazy. It's more crazy then I ever would have imagined. The days just fly by and I don't know where they go. I remember how I thought I would just hate being at home with the baby. I was so sure I would want to go back to work shortly after having a baby. I thought I wouldn't know what to do with a baby, nor have the patience to deal with one. Boy how things change. Sometimes I really do believe I was made to be a mom :) I thought I would feel worthless not making all the money I could. I sure got over that and feel like a whole other life opened up to me. It is very fulfilling so far. It gives me a chance to discover myself in a deeper way as well.

I have a wonderful group of new mom running friends. They are such fantastic people and I love getting together with them on a regular basis with the babies. How lucky are we to have all met? I feel like I have such a great support group. It really brightens my week. My friend LP just had a baby girl on Monday (Jason's b-day!!), so there is a new baby to add to the group. I hope our kids get to grow up playing together. That would be a neat thing.

On the running front, things are progressing nicely. I'm working my way up to 40 miles per week, but I'm more concentrated on the quality of the runs rather then the quantity. Last week I had to take an extra day off from just being exhausted. I am much better at listening to my body these days...I think. My runs are averaging around 8:45 per mile and I am up to 8 miles as my longest run. The treadmill has become a little more of a friend this past week. When Nathan happens to nap, I jump on to get the workout in. It worked out nicely. Other days I either take him with me or try and get out before Jason goes to work. I'm getting it done one way or another. My body is still on the mend but is feeling pretty good. The Flag Day race went well. I ran 23:01 and I think I may have won my age group as I look at the results!?! After running the race, my easy runs became quicker I notice. Perhaps I need to keep on working the kinks out. Next on tap is a 4th of July race in Hudson. Hopefully, I will run a bit faster and feel smoother. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!!

Weekly Rundown:

M- 5 Miles (Treadmill)
T- 7 Miles (Treadmill)
W- Bike 45 Min.
Th- Off
F- 7 Miles (Treadmill)
Sat- 6 Miles
Sun- 8 Miles!!

Total: 33 miles (Easy runs around 8:45)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back to Life

After a long break from blogging (unintended), I am back and running again after having my beautiful baby boy. He was born April 21st and weighed 8.0 Pounds and 20.5 inches long. I had a long bout of back labor that pretty much brought me to my knees, but I toughed it out for 24 hours before I decided to have an epidural. After the epidural, I had the baby 6 hours after that. The pushing was about 15 minutes long as he turned in the right direction just in time. Too bad he didn't turn earlier so I didn't have to deal with the pain of back labor. It was worth it though and I'm leaning to walk through the life of motherhood. I'm not going to try and go into all the details of everything to catch up from my last blog post...but the birth of my son (Nathan) is the most important thing.

I started walking a few days after my delivery, which turned into a few miles of walking a weeks later. I started biking 45-50 minutes daily around 3 weeks post delivery...then started very slow running/walking 4 weeks later. After an all clear from my doc at 5 weeks, I have been off an running (if you want to call it that). I know it will be a process to get back into shape, but I'm getting there and am feeling good about running. I still have some aches and pains, but nothing that isn't expected. I am currently 7 weeks post delivery.

I have met the greatest group of women runners who all have had children within the past year. Most of them have actually had babies in the past couple month. It is so great to have such a wonderful support system. We meet about once a week so we can get our runs in, some social time, and have our kids play (well, when they can actually play!). I'm looking forward to watching out kids and our friendships all grow together. What a blessing that is in addition to the friends I already have in my life.

I'm going to be staying home most of the time now to take care of our family. I will be working a few hours a week at our business, and the rest will be stuff at home. Life is so busy right now, but so great at the same time!

So anyway, that is a quick version to my life and I plan on blogging again and keeping things updated with my running. I'm hoping to get back into good shape so I can perhaps get some PR's sometime this year. Maybe a winter or spring Marathon will be in the works. We'll see how things go. Right now I'm at about 30 miles per week with my longest run at 6 miles at about 9:00 pace. I'm hitting 9:01 consistently weather I'm running the the BOB or not. It's kind of funny how that works. I will be at the Flag Day race next week and am looking forward to it. I'll probably be sore as hell from trying to run 8:00 pace...but it's progression. Will keep updated on how thing are going!!