Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh the pains of growing

It's week 26 already and I can feel every bit of it! I thought I was rolling along pretty nicely the past few weeks. Other then my morning sickness coming up (this time in the morning) and having terrible nights of sleep, everything was pretty much fine.

I got a great new treadmill for Christmas and have been spending a lot of time on it. It's a Nordic Track and I seriously love it. The base is cushioned and feels so much better on my body. From Week 19-25 I was averaging a little over 25 miles per week at around 9:00 pace (5 running days) along with biking and core. I've been feeling very fit for being pregnant. Even though I'm running less then I would have ideally planned on, I'm feeling good. The miles don't bother me...I just want to maintain fitness and health. Sometimes I worry about doing too much, but my body definitely knows how to let me know. That's for sure.

Speaking of Christmas....we had a great one. It was very busy this year and I was exhausted. I'm not sure if that's because I'm pregnant and tried to keep up with everything I do (baking cookies, presents, decorating, etc...) or if if just really was busy. Jason and I decided to spend New Year's Eve and Day home.....relaxing. It was wonderful. We are looking forward to a great 2010.

So back to my pregnancy progression. I had to deal with some groin issues for about 4 weeks which, for the most part, took care of itself in a very slow manner. I was running well for the weeks I mentioned above. Last week I completed a 5 mile run on the treadmill (due to the weather) and my back started to hurt about 30 minutes later. I mean it was a grabbing pain. It felt like my piriformis on steroids. I actually didn't think too much of it. I put a heating pad on it, Jason rubbed it out, then I slept it off. The next day it felt much better. I biked VERY lightly the next day since I didn't feel well then took the day after that off. I just about forgot about the back ache. On Friday, I decided to do a light 3 mile run and some biking. After the workout, I have never experienced so much pain in my life. My lower back or hip was on fire and I couldn't walk. I thought maybe I pulled a muscle or something. Now I'm wondering if it's sciatica. I don't know. Today is Wednesday and I can walk better, but I'm still in quite a bit of discomfort. It's ridiculous. When I ran I didn't feel anything. I know my pregnancy contributed to this, but I'd love to pin point the issue so I can resolve it. I thought I'd give it a week before I called a Chiropractor or something. Argh. My hips really feel like someone is taking a hammer to them. Thanks peanut. This kid better be good.

So anyway, at the moment, I'm on the bike. I can't elliptical since it hurts so much, but the bike and good stretching help a lot. I'm praying this goes away....or at least gets to the point that I can walk without limping and wincing in pain. I look extra pregnant when I walk with this issue. The only thing I can take is Tylonel...and I've only taken 2 since this has happened. I'm not a fan of taking ANYTHING while I'm pregnant though.

In happy news, our last appointment was just before the New Year and it went really well. I've gained 16 pounds at Week 24 at that time with good blood pressure. The babies heart beat sounded good. I'm measuring 1 week ahead again so I hope that is a good thing. I wouldn't mind popping out this kid a wee bit early!! I still worry about everything. I'm always holding my breath at the appointments. It is nice to feel the little guys kicking around like an acrobat though. It gives me a little solice. I just hope he isn't as active and crazy when he is born as he is in my belly....especially at night :)

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