Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things no one mentioned

Hello Week 22. Its goes so fast, yet so slow at the same time. It's kind of like college...or training for a marathon.

I'm not really complaining, but there are these crazy things going on with my body that no one really seems to talk about. It's always the "morning sickness" and "being tired" people talk about. No one seems to mention the every couple hours you wake up at night to either pee, or just stare at the clock. I guess sleep deprivation starts before you have the baby! Must be mother natures nasty joke to get you prepared. Also, I was greeted this week with a re-visit of morning sickness (aka. all day sickness). When I lay on my back I can't breath. Apparently something is pushing up on my lungs. I walk like a duck. I guess I waddle....and this is due to my hips and pelvis being so freakin' sore. What's that all about? Running is just plain funny. Yes, I run...I start slow and pick it up as I loosen up, but I think I waddle weather or not I know it. Ahhh...the joys.

So, today some of the employees were informed I was pregnant. I guess they figured it out by the way I walked. I just had to laugh. I tried to hide it for a while because they are all men that tend to act funny about dealing with a pregnant women (or women in general really). I'm not the one who told them...but at least they know and I don't have to keep wearing the same 3 extra drapey shirts to work anymore. My belly has popped out and I don't care to try and hide it anymore. Oh the liberation :)

On the running front, last week was a bit rough because I was feeling sick and work was crazy, but I got in 22 miles over 5 days and did some biking, pilates, core & stretching. I'm feeling pretty darn good physically (other then the above listed pregnancy symptoms). This week was a rough start, but I've kept up pretty well. The goal is to keep physically in shape. I'm not looking to break any mileage records or times, just stay in good, physical shape without breaking myself down in any way. My runs were between 4-5 miles. I'll be happy to keep then all between 4-6 and between 20-25 miles per week with the respective cross training and core. I do have to admit, running is a little harder for me then I anticipated. I didn't think my hips, back, and pelvis would be so bothersome at this point. Running actually helps loosen it up, but it's never completely loose. O well.....I'm doing what I can. It won't be forever. Soon enough I'll be wishing I had an excuse to back down a bit from all the training.

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