Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally, an update

It's been a record time that I haven't updated my blog....that's for sure! The main reason is that I'm pregnant and was too sick to think about anything other then getting through my days. I'm super thrilled about being pregnant, but at the same time, I completely fell off the game of life. I'm currently 17 weeks and counting (Due April 22nd)!!

On the running front, I stayed a stable 50 miles per week until about Week 7. I was sick week 7 and thought I could grit it through, but I just couldn't stand running. I decided to take a couple weeks and do some cross training and very, very light running. My motto is "If you don't enjoy it, why do it?" So, after those 2 weeks, I got back up to 30 miles per week (5 days per week) along with cross training the other 2 days....usually biking. I take a nightly walk and do some sort of core type stuff to try and keep some strength up. I sustained this through week 14 until I noticed I pulled my groin. I tripped over my cat at home and noticed some pulling in my groin a couple weeks before that, but I didn't think anything of it and kept on running. It never bothered me unless I did some deep stretching, then BAM, one day I could hardly walk. That was almost 3 weeks ago and my groin is still not in running condition. I cross train every day just as much as running...and still do core and my walks, but no running at the moment. I would love to be out running, but I'm not freaked out about not running either. I'm happy to be working out and staying in shape. Maybe it's a good chance to condition other parts of my body. I am hoping to be out soon though. Nothing is like running. I'm thinking the pregnancy isn't helping the healing cause one bit though.

So that's the running front. On the pregnancy's been anything other then stress free. From what happened last time, I've been a nervous wreck from the start. We had a couple good scares with some bleeding issues which was enough to want to have all my hair fall out. I don't think I'll ever really breathe a sigh of relieve except for the little moments when I know everything is okay at that moment. We have a big ultrasound on Dec.4th. I want to find out what gender the baby is, but Jason doesn' we'll see. I'm just a planner by nature....Jason loves surprises. Either way, I just hope we are all healthy in the end.

I can't complain too much right now. I'm feeling much better then I did. I was sick 24/7 from week 6-14, but now I feel decent. I still have my moments, particularly at night, but it's better then all day. No one really tells you about how terrible the nights are. It's almost impossible to get a good night sleep, I think. If it's not the night sweats, I have to pee, or I just can't sleep. I'd say every 2-3 days I'm up half the night. The other nights I sleep, but I wake up every few hours to go to the bathroom. Fun. I finally broke down and started wearing maternity pants...which are amazingly comfy. Unless you know I'm pregnant, people can't really tell. Yeah....give that another couple weeks. I think my belly is on a growth spurt lately. Yikes! It's not so bad though...yet. It's funny, I don't feel fat...just pregnant. It's a very different feeling. My body has definitely been taken over :) I'm very thankful for the chance to have this baby though.

So that is about the most summed up version of my life. There are a million other things that have been going on, but nothing as important as that is it for this blog. I should be updating weekly again. Hopefully, I'll be running soon so I have some numbers to post. Otherwise, my butt in on the bike or elliptical....for now.