Monday, July 20, 2009

Trail Running

So, I forgot to post this from last week.......I will have another post later this week. I'm determined to keep up with this blog!!!!

Last weekend was a blast! I volunteered Saturday at Muddy Paws. The day started out early and humid. I ended up being at the water stop at 2.8 mile & 7.8 mile on the course. This was a 5 mile loop course with the option of people running 1 or 2 loops. There was a 2 mile race with your dog too. Awesome! There were 6 of us working the water stop. I didn't expect it to be so much fun....and so buggy. I was eaten alive, but it was well worth it.

It's nice to get a different perspective on racing as a volunteer. It's funny when people run by and you recognize them from something other then running. There were a couple people I saw from years ago...that were never runners...running!! I must get easy amused. I love when people "convert" to running.

So, after the race, we decided to get some miles in and run the course a couple times. I am not in the trail running "business" but I do love running on them from time to time. I tend not to venture out on them as much as I'd like to since I'm not sure where the heck I'm going. This run was tough! Kendall Hills, I remember from college, is very tough...but I forgot how tough! We were planning on 10, but the skies opened up and dumped a big storm on us. To make a very long (and lost) story short, we ended up with 9. I was wet, exhausted, and fine with that for the day. Nothing like running up the largest peak at the park in the middle of torrential rain , thunder, and lightening. At least I had my buddy E with me!!!

The next day I ran with the group of people I volunteered with. We started from Boston Store and went out and back on the Buckeye Trail. WOW! That was tough. It was 10 miles and I was trying not to die on the run. If we weren't running over fallen trees, roots, or river...we were hiking (literally) up hills and endless stairs. It was such a good time though. I was so exhausted when I got home. Oddly exhausted. I wasn't sure if it was just from the runs and/or lack of sleep...or other factors. All I know is I was BEAT!

Jason was out of town for the weekend so he wasn't around to witness my pathetic butt. I have lots of work to do I guess. So, the plan is to try and get on the trails once a week with a group. I hope it works out. There is something nice about being out in nature without all the it's a killer of a workout.

Up next weekend is the Johnnycake Jog. We'll see what happens there. Looking forward to having fun with family and friends!!

Weekly Rundown:

M: 7.5 M
T: Off - Tired
W: 8m
Th: 8m
F: 8m
Sat: 9m (Trails)
Sun: 10m (Trails)

Total: 50.5 Miles

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Serious Running:Chris Barber said...

I haven't volunteered at a race before but think it would be interesting to see. Thanks for the report.

I'm glad you got out on the trails this week. They are a lot of fun and a good way to switch it up.

National Trail Running Day is actually coming up on Aug 22.