Thursday, July 23, 2009

Johnnycake Jog

I'm sitting at my desk kind of with a nervous twitch from the coffee overload, staring out at the rain, and a small kitten skiddishly making its way into the office for some cat food. Yes, we feed the strays. A couple of them come and nap on the chairs we have in the office. Sometimes it feels like a zoo with the dog (I bring my dog to work with me).

Anyway, business is still really sucky. Manufacturing for small business is in no hurry to pick up and we have come to terms with that. We are on 4 days a week and are tossing around ideas of who to lay off and what to do. Argh. It's such a depressing situation to be in. I have daily headaches which I'm sure work is contributing to. I look at our employees and can't bear to think of who to lay off before who. Sigh. Trying to make lemonade out of lemons or whatever.....trying to keep a positive spin on things.

So last weekend I ran the Johnneycake Jog which is a larger local race that brings out a lot of fast runners. I usually love it because of the competition....not because of the course, believe me. It can be fast, but it never really is for me (except for last year). I went into it to have fun since I'm not fast enough to be competitive at this point. My sister in law in newer to running and came along to run. Jason came along to watch and my parents and brother showed up...suprise!!! I was excited to have the family there.

I met up with a few of my running friends and we did a warm up. I felt a little tired and sluggish, but that can be normal. I did a little stretching and chatting and got to the start line. The gun went off and off we went. I felt like I was running fast.....but I had a feeling it wasn't all that fast. It just felt a little more forced then I would have liked. Went through the first mile in 6:29...booo. I thought I would either have felt better running a 6:29 or have felt the way I did running 6:15-19 or something. I didn't really know what to expect I guess. So I thought I kept up the pace pretty well the second mile. I was around 13:21 which sounds crappy but the second mile is so darn slow all the time. Not sure if it's long. I kept of trucking along and trying to catch people ahead of me. 3rd mile came around at 19:40's. We made the turn on the long, boring last stretch. I was feeling pretty tired but kept going. I knew I wasn't fast, but I didn't want to wuss out on giving it what I had. 4th mile was around 26 something. The last mile was a tough one, especially the last 800m. I usually have a good kick and have really good strength at the end of a race, but I just didn't have it today. A couple girls I went back and forth with during the race pulled ahead. I HATE that!!! I just couldn't go with them. I saw the clock and the finish. 32:53....15th overall. Actually, not bad....especially since I didn't feel so great at any point of the race. It was what I told myself I would be happy with at this point. Last year I was 3rd with 30:53 so you can't help but compare....but I got with reality, and over it and was happy.

I found my friends and ran a cooldown with them. I had a killer headache but it went well. No one sounded like they felt all that awesome either even though they had some speedy times. I have to admit, my 5K I ran on the 4th of July felt much much better then today. O well.

So, I wanted to mention how proud I was of my sister in law Michelle. She got out there and ran a good 5 miles. She was worried about finishing or being last...but she finished just fine and wasn't close to last! I love when people pick up running and keep at it. I can't wait to see her progress. I'm sure it's not easy with a toddler and baby.

So, that was my weekend. We had a delicious breakfast and called it a day and headed home. I am thinking about running a 5K this weekend just because it's 1 mile from my house. I'm not sure if I am really going to do it or not. It's going to be on a whim if I decide to do so. I guess I'm trying to squeeze in as much faster running as I can before I devote my body to another cause for a while :)

My runs have been going well for the most part. Right now I'm having odd issues with sleeping at night and headaches. I'm not sure if it's underlying stress (who me? stressed?) or just being tired. I eventaully fall asleep, but the headaches are annoying. They are the tension headache type...not the stabbing type. I'm not too's just annoying. Maybe I should lay off the coffee. I notice I'm more edgy and get into long rants about certain topics that set off my trigger.....don't even get me started with the medical arena....that was todays rant.

Hopefully, next week will be a good week at work (hoping...but not holding my breath) and running goes smoothly. Still planning on staying around 50 per week easy with maybe a little quick run thrown in if I don't run the race this weekend.

Weekly Rundown:

M- Bike 40 Min
T- 8m
W- 7m
Th- 8m
F- 8m
Sat- 6m
Sun- 10m (5m race)

Total: 47 Miles

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