Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week 12

Welcome to Week 12. First trimester is almost over and I've been feeling great this week! Running hasn't been as tortuous and I think it has more to do with the weather then anything. I would seriously be okay with the weather being 55 all summer. I know I would get booed out of a party for saying that, but that's just me.

This past week, like I said, has been pretty good. I'm feeling more in my belly area and I'm thinking it's just things slowly expanding. Nothing really showing yet, but I may be on the verge.

Jason has taken a great part in wanting to drive me nuts. He is worse then my mother. He is always concerned about where I'm going, how much or how fast I'm running, how I'm feeling, if I made my doctors appointment, wants to take birthing classes, help deliver. Wow! I told him we really needed to change places. I'm just not really into anything other then getting this done. He definitely has daddy in his DNA. He's just a great guy (makes me tear up)....even though he's driving me nuts already.

Running wise, it had been a better week so far in terms of how I'm feeling. Last week was okay, but I had to struggle to get out the door and get my runs done. The weekend was cooler and I felt better. I'll take what I can get these days. Just happy to be out and about. I kind of miss racing though. I guess it never leaves your blood.

Weekly rundown:

M- Off
T- 6m
W- 6m (treadmill blah)
Th- 6m
F- 6m
Sat- 7.5m (decent run)
Sun- 8.5m (good run)

Total: 40 miles

O, by the way, my brain is completely useless. I can't remember anything anyone tells me, and I'm completely a scatter brain. That is so completely opposite of who I am on a normal basis and it's quite frustrating actually. It will be interesting to see all the other fun things that pop up along the way!

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allanjel said...

Heard you did great last night at Flag Day. That is so great you are expecting :) Congratulations Eva!!!