Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I did it again...

How did I miss a week of blogging again? It's like I get caught in some sort of time warp. I think in my last blog I mentioned something about no snow. Well, the little black cloud that follows my words was on me...and it snowed early last week. Yuck! Thankfully, my tulips are over it....and so am I. I am waaaaaaay over it.

Nothing too exciting going on in my non-running world to report on. Work it about the same. We went to a little ASME Industry Night to promote our business and hook up with some other engineers. It was actually a really, really good time. The best one yet. I'm really getting used to being home Fridays and working.

Jason is getting very busy at work....but REALLY needs to get to school and finish his darn thesis! He was suppose to defend and walk in May...but that is pushed back to August (I hope!!). I told him he ruined a big surprise party I planned for June. I was lying of course....terrible I know. I'm trying to guilt him into finishing his Ph.D. Take the motivation where you can get it right? Works with running....why not other areas? Ha ha :)

Speaking of's best. Still super consistent with my mileage, which is a plus. My workouts are so/so....not the times I'm used to pumping out as easily as I do, but again, I'm not in training mode in any sort of way. I've just been feeling a little off though. I'm lucky if I feel good 2 times per week. Not that I feel horrible or anything, just not as chipper as usual. I'm still glad to get out and do my thing. Running is like breathing to me.

For quick rundown on the last 2 weeks.....I did a Tempo (which I think I ran a little too hard) and a long run 2 weeks ago...the last week I was too icky feeling to do any harder workout, so I combined my longer run with a workout to make a Dynamic run. Worked out great and I actually felt great.

As far as this week is going...not so great. My runs are okay...but my attempted 800 reps yesterday failed as I was struggling to hit times that should NOT have felt easy to hit for a workout. (I feel like a broken record). I stopped after 3 (of 5) and finished the rest as an easy run since I got really bad lower tummy cramps. Kind of freaky. Time to listen to my body a little better for a while. I gotta see what it's trying to tell me.

Weekly Rundown (Week of April 1st)

M- Off (pooped out)
T- 8m Morning (nice!)
W- 8m (2m w/u&c/d....4m Tempo (6:40, 6:43, 6:36, 6:35))
Th- 6m
F- 8m (rainy rainy)
Sat- 7m
Sun- 14m

Total: 51m

(Week of April 7th)

M- 7m
T- 40 min Bike
W- 8m
Th- 8m (nice run - Kirtland)
F- 7m
Sat- 12m Dynamic Run (8:22, 7:50, 6:56, 7:49, 6:54, 7:41 6:49, 7:34 6:44, 7:44, 6:44, 7:51 - Towpath....GREAT run overall, especially 2nd half)
Sun- 7m (Happy Easter)

Total: 49m

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. I had my family over and it was hectic, but worth always.

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