Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April

It's April, which in my book means the brunt of any sort of major winter weather SHOULD be over! You know the saying, "April Showers....." it's not April Snow. My tulips are starting to bloom, the greenhouses are buzzing....I love it!

So, last week was another steady, consistent week. I feel rather boring with my mileage when I look back on each week. I think consistency is a very good thing though. Each day, I enjoy my runs, and enjoy 1 day off a week. My mileage keep averaging around 50 with 1 workout and 1 long run. Even though I don't have major plans, I'm hoping this will help my strength and stamina in the races I plan on running. I like to be a bit more dynamic with my training when I'm very specific on my racing goals. I like to work hard...and rest easy.

So last week, I was driving home on Tuesday and noticed the new neighbors across the street in the woods. It was the woman, and it looked to me like she started a small fire to burn something. I was thinking "Seriously? She could catch one of the trees on fire and all the woods could catch on fire in a minute." Who has a fire right in the woods, in the back yard, with houses lining the trees? Well, as I was getting ready to run, my dog was freaking out staring out the window. Then I hear TONS of sirens. The stupid-bug hit me or something, because I totally didn't think anything of it, nor did I notice the THICK BLACK SMOKE clouding the sky. I laced up my running shoes and headed out. As soon as I stepped out of my garage, I saw it all. You guessed it.... the woods were on fire! I think the whole fire department, EMS, and police department were in our cul-de-sac. Crazy. So one of the neighbors (the ones who live directly next to them....who have their shed in the woods), came and we spoke for a while. I guess when I saw the woman in the woods, she was actually trying to put OUT the fire with her garden hose. Good idea lady. I guess they had a bon fire the night before, which was apparently large, and it never quite went out. To make the rest of the story short, they got it out after battling it for a while...and who knows what kind of trouble those people got into. Geeze...think people! I don't even want to get into the dog they let roam all around the neighborhood without keeping an eye on him. I LOVE dogs....but not ones that come into my yard and freak my dog out. They seem like nice people....I guess they just didn't get a good start. Maybe they'll make a comeback.

In work news, we laid of our first person every today. Boooo. We are hoping that if things pick up to call him back VERY SOON! They don't teach you all these things in school...or anywhere else really, about running your own business. It can be brutal.
On an optimistic note, the first quarter is over, the fresh new second is starting. I have high hopes. Keep on trucking along and doing what you can I guess. Life could always be worse.

I'm thinking of perhaps running a race this weekend. If I do, it will probably be in Hudson, and I may treat it as more of a hard run then a race. It's at the park I run at sometimes and it's VERY hilly, on trails, and not conducive to any sort of fast times. It would probably be a fantastic workout though. We'll see.

Weekly Rundown:

M- 6m (morning)
T- 8m (evening)
W- 6m (morning)
Th- 8m workout (8x400 (approx) uphill, 400 down rec, all within 1:42-1:45...yeah, it was hard!)F- 8m (morning - later)
Sat- OFF (babysat the twins...I'll have to blog about that sometime!!!)
Sun- 14.5 miles

Total: 50.5

Hope everyone is having a good start to the month!!

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