Monday, March 9, 2009

Wretched Monday

I realized I saved my last blog as a draft all week instead of posting. I slept right through my alarm this morning. I forgot a CD that had my Quality Manual for work at home. I obviously didn't run this morning. I'm cold. Work is slow. I HATE daylight savings time....the beginning of it anyway. I burned bread pudding I made for a friend which I threw away (which I have made a million times and have NEVER had any problems with). Oh, and my husband spilled a large (Venti for all you purists) Starbucks coffee on my much loved, and relatively new, area rug....which I think is going to take a month of daily cleaning to get rid of...if I'm lucky.

OK...I got that out of my system. This week is going to be a good week even though this morning was a bit rough. I'm being optimistic. That is my mantra :) My dog is currently staring at me in an odd way. I think he's trying to figure out why we came to work an "hour early." I think it's funny that is his biggest concern in life. He's a very cool dog.

I'll write a blog a bit later that is a bit more detailed and running related. I need to get out of this Monday morning fog first. It may be a while though.

Anyone who is reading this....Have a great week!

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