Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Looks like I somehow missed a week of blogging. Last week was pure insanity at work as I was running back and forth between work and Cleveland for a Manufacturing Conference. We are in high gear at our shop trying to keep our heads above water and ride this out. I have come to a realization that we have to completely revamp our business strategy for the long term future. This is a good time to do that. I think that a lot of people get down and depressed and forget that one day things will turn around and an opportunity to evaluate your business will be gone. In times of hardship, there is a lot of opportunity. Remember, the Chocolate Chip Cookie was invented during the Great depression! Now, if I can just find about $5 mil under a rock to do what we need to do at our business.

On the running front, things are moving along nicely. I'm in a great groove and have a consistant schedule. I'm finding a lot of solitude in this. The week of Malachi I ran 48 miles and last week I topped off at 50. On the Tuesday before Malachi, I did a workout so my legs wouldn't forget how to run faster. I did 3x1 mile with a 400 jog, 800 jog, & 400 jog. It was about as hard as I would have expected running around 6:20's. I went into the race at Malachi hoping not to die.

So onto Malachi. It was a chilly morning, but buzzing with energy, which I just LOVE! I registered and did a 2 mile warm up. I then proceeded to go to the Port-a-Poty which there was not a single soul. I got really worried thinking I somehow screwed up the start time. I went anyway, then realized everyone must have been running or watching the 2 mile race. Lucky me. That never happens....EVER.

Onto the start. I got over to a good spot at the start and ran into a couple running friends. It was so nice to converse with other running friends I haven't seen in a long while. It's really been a long winter for me! I was still groggy and stressed out from the previous week which carried into the start of the race...through about mile 2. The first mile started well, fast, and some icy spots. A tad under 6:10 was the reading at mile 1. I didn't think my legs could go that fast in a 5 miler at this time. I tried to get in a good groove for the 2nd mile. It was kind of odd, I felt very detached from the situation. It was like I was outside looking in. I wasn't really with it. I got to mile to in about 12:36 or so. At that point a light switch turned on and I got into my old running self. Mile 3 was hilly. I don't remember those hills. Got to mile 3 in about 19:XX (I'll have to look it up in my log). Mile 4 was a good one. Downhill and flat. Too bad for the pot holes and icy spots. I recovered from mile 3 nicely and cruised mile 4. I think I passed through 4 in about 25:50 or so. The last mile was quick. Perhaps it was the impending uphill at the end I was thinking about, but I wasn't letting it bother me. I was anxious and ready. I ran with a few guys and looked ahead and didn't see any women. The last hill came and I almost split an eyeball going all out to get to the finish line just for the shear bliss of being done. I crossed in 32:17. Not bad. The only disappointing thing I came to realize was the first 5 women (I was 6th I later found out) were about 20 or so second ahead all together. Darn. I wish I would have realized that so I could have competed better. Next time though.

So all in all, I was happy with the race. I felt decent the next day, but super sore the day after in odd places. Funny how that happens. It was a good time, and we skipped out on the awards at the Pub to hit up the West Side Market. We were suppose to have dinner guests coming that day. I love the West Side Market.....that is the best post race place. I would have liked to have made the awards at Malachi though.

The next week (last week) went well. A bit tired from the race, took Wednesday off due to exhaustion, and ran a workout at the Towpath (yippie!) on Friday. We are working Mon-Thurs at our shop so I decided to work from home on Friday which was nice...I guess. Anyway, the workout didn't go as well as I would have hoped for. I ran a 5 mile tempo and wanted to run around 6:50's with a faster last mile, but I was struggling to hold the 6:50's. I don't know if struggling is the right word, I guess it's just not as comfortable as I would have thought. That was a little disappointing, but I was happy with the effort. Maybe it was just an off day. It's not like I'm busting out a lot of workouts either. Sometimes I get a little ahead of myself.

Anyway, this week is off to a decent start. I'm getting more 5:30am runs in which is nice. I'm shooting for 1 tempo or hill workout this week and my long run. This weekend I'm babysitting for my best friend...yikes! She's got 2 twin girls that are 7 months old. I'm in for a treat huh? They are just precious though. I love them!

Hope everyone had a good week!!

Last week:

M- 6m (morning)
T- 7m (morning)
W- Off
Th- 7m (morning)
F- 9m (2m w/u & c/d 5m tempo (6:50, 6:50 6:50, 6:48, 6:58 34:19 total)
Sat- 7m (4 with Stewie!!)
Sun- 14m

Total: 50m

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