Thursday, March 12, 2009

Keeping is Consistent

Last week was another pretty good running week. I took Monday off just because I came home and really didn't feel like doing anything other then cooking dinner and getting some work done. I told myself I'd get my butt out of bed the next morning to run. The cold is what really did me in. I had no desire to fight it, or run on the treadmill.
I had 2 successful morning stints on the treadmill before I headed outside to some much warmer weather. I hit up some trails at Hudson Springs Park which were super muddy, but super great! It felt so good to slosh around on the trails. I can't wait to spend some good quality time on the trails when it gets nice.
The only "workout" I did this week was a medium run on Friday. I wish I would have had the Garmin on me to check the pace, but I was pretty tired after so the effort was definitely there.
Long run went smoothly.

I'm looking to run the St. Malachi 5 Miler this Saturday. No goals for the race other then not to completely die. I'm looking for a fun time and some motivation. I'm kind of in limbo right now. I ran some mile repeats for the heck of it, a couple days ago, at the track which went pretty well, but proved to me I'm not in great racing shape....or any sort of racing shape. Gotta start somewhere though! It's always interesting for me to race after a bit of a hiatus from the racing scene. Sometimes your body responds better then you anticipate. It's always good, for me, to step into a couple races with no real goal or time in mind. JUST RUN!!
After that I have shopping at the West Side Market to look forward to...whohoo!! I love that place!

In other news, the economy super sucks and it has definitely trickeled down to our Manufacturing Company. We are cutting hours and days, but still trying to hold onto everyone we have. We are doing what we can, and looking into future opportunities, especially in the Green Mfg. Sector, but none of this is a short term fix. We can only hope and pray things come around sooner then later. We are all aware things will turn around, and we will still be here...just not sure how battered and torn. In the mean time, just going day by day and hoping not to go too crazy! Just part of the ups and downs in life.

Weekly Rundown:

T- 8m (morning!)
W - 6m (morning!)
Th- 8m (afternoon trails...warm finally)
F - 7m (5m medium/hard pace...super warm)
S - 6m
Sun - 14m

Total: 49 Miles

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