Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warmer Days

Last week was a pretty good week running wise. It was a quick glimpse that spring may be around the corner? Yeah, it's Cleveland, not quite yet.
I had a very good run on Monday, and a decent on on Tuesday & Thursday. Friday was a crappy run which I contemplated cutting short, but I ran past a couple running in the opposite direction from me. I have noticed this particular girl over the past year. I was pretty positive it was an old teammate from high school. I kept telling myself I would try and talk to her if I ever happened to catch her going the same way, but it hasn't happened yet.

During the end of this run, I happened to catch up to them on a side road. Yes, it was an old Cross-Country teammate from high school! It was her and her husband running. How awesome. We ran together for about a 1/2 mile or so before I had to get home. I just was thinking about how crazy it was that she lives less then 1 mile from my house. We were pretty good friends on the team back in the day. It's so interesting to catch up with old friends that way. It's even better when you hear how well they are doing.

Needless to say, a run that started out a bit on the down side, ended up very well.
Sunday's longer run wasn't too hot while Monday's run was one of the worst ever! Going through a bit of a rough patch I guess. It happens. What is the saying...and bad run is better then no run right? (Most of the time at least!)

On a personal front, Jason is doing well at his new job. This company is very big into Green Energy. He's doing pretty well at waking up in the morning. He is so NOT a morning person. It's not even funny. I could post a whole blog about it. Everyone has their thing. If that's the worst thing I have to deal's not so bad....I guess.

Another item I was pretty excited about was the advancement opportunity the US has to participate in Stem Cell Research.....FINALLY! I normally, wouldn't mention things like this, but my father in law has Parkensons Disease and this seems like such a hopeful thing for the family. It's one thing to voice opinions on's another when you have a dire situation staring you in the face. Anyway, I'm so happy about it and wanted to mention it. I guess it's the scientist in me that gets excited!

Last week:

M- 8m
T- 7m
W- 30min Bike & Lift
Th- 7m (Treadmill)
F- 8.5m
S- Off
Sun- 12.5m

Total: 43 Miles

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