Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow Snow Snow

Yes, we live in a snow globe. It's crazy actually. This winter seems far worse the the past few. Perhaps it's that they aren't salting the roads as well, or just that it snows at the worst time of day (overnight and before rush hour). I've about had it, especially with the driving. On a normal day, my commute takes about 50 can only imagine what it takes on snow covered, accident filled roads. Joy.

As far as running, my treadmill and I have had to make peace. I've been meaning to buy a nice, shiny new treadmill with more power, belt space, and a screen that actually works, but I kind of have gotten used to this little guy. I don't know how much longer it will hold out though.

The roads have been clear enough last week that I was able to get out on what I like to call my snowbird route. It a route through my neighborhood that keeps me in my neighborhood running up and down the streets, sometimes twice. It actually keep the run moving along and isn't too bad. It's less cars, and give me a couple streets with street lights. I ran that Monday and Tuesday....then Wednesday came. So much snow, I didn't even bother to go to work. We got over a foot of snow. Yuck! The rest of the week was on the treadmill with a nice longer 12 miler on Sunday.

Been thinking of starting up some workouts, but I guess I'm just waiting for the weather to break a bit. There are a couple races this weekend I'm thinking about even though I'm in no sort of racing shape. We'll see.

In other news, Jason started his new job Monday. It seems like a great environment with good people. I think he likes it so far. It's a very innovative business. I'm so proud of him!
Another note, which I think it pretty cool, one of his older sisters got remarried last weekend to the man she divorced a couple years ago. They were going through some pretty rough times. They have 2 great kids. It was pretty awesome to have seen everything work out, and see the whole family together again. Everyone did their part and it worked out. It's even better because he is now a runner....yeah!!! Welcome to the "other" side my friend! It was a bit heart warming. I'm so happy for them.

Weekly Run Down:

M- 7m
T- 7m
W- 30 Minute Bike/Lift
Th- 8m
F- 7m
Sat- Off
Sun- 12m

Total: 41 Miles

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