Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fashionista...or not

As I was making my way out for a run yesterday, I looked in the mirror and laughed at myself. I am such a "typical" runner. The funniest part is, I totally, never, ever match. My husband makes fun of me for this on a regular basis...but yesterday I really noticed it. Then, I thought about what I wore running the past few days, and yes, total mismatch. Something draws me to the blue spandex and black top.....the red shorts and pink shirt.....apparently I am subconsciously drawn to completely opposite patterns in one running outfit. I guess I never really think about it...nor do I care, but I did have to laugh at myself. I wonder what people think when they drive by me. I do have to say though, the colors I generally wear are darker in the winter. I don't try to draw attention to myself. I like to be unseen and off the radar when I'm on my runs. I can't understand why anyone would ever want to be famous. Maybe it's just me.

So that got me thinking to my college days of running. I remember one of my teammates would always give me a hard time (in a best friend kind of way) about the colors I put together when running. Heh....I guess things never change. Thank goodness for the Vertical Runner race uniforms!! There were a few times my husband was like "you're not wearing THAT together...are you?" as I was on my way out the door for a race. At that point, I do try and match a bit for races if I'm not wearing my VR gear....but I just about always stick with that.
In my defense...and I have been arguing this for a opposite colors kind of go together. Right? Maybe not, but I'd like to think so. Good thing I don't dress like I run...I think. Heh.

So, last week was a good week in one way and terrible in another. I got in some good miles, but I felt like total crap on half the runs. Total poo. I'm guessing it was a hormonal thing. Dudes have no reason to complain. I'm feeling better this week thank goodness. There is nothing worse then walking out the door for a run, then realizing you feel like crap. Then you think it will pass, but it doesn't. It gets worse. Then you just want to crawl on the side of the road and plop over on someones lawn and call it a day. It was just one of those weeks I guess. On an up note, I did get a morning run in on Friday which was wonderful. That evening we had a lady come to our house for a massage. Jason and I each received one. It was a Christmas gift...and it was great. Massages make me feel sick though. Weird.

Yesterday I did my first little workout in a looooong while. I went up to the track and did 4x800 with a 400 jog. I didn't run then fast at all. Just cruised to get my legs moving. The first one was so weird. I felt like I was in slow in those dreams where you are trying to run and just can't. Really weird. The track seemed super small on the first lap. I'm not big on track I like to ease into my workouts with some fartleks and tempos...but the clear track on a warmer February day just called my name. I'm glad I did it. I just have to remind myself to do a better job of throwing in a good workout from time to time on my off racing time so my body doesn't go into total shock when I try and get it going again.

In other news, the beginning of a stressful time has begun. Whohoo! My parents are in Florida for 2.5 weeks which leaves me in charge at work. I have to manage every last thing. I'm not complaining...I'm really not, but it causes much stress by the end of the day. What I am complaining about is that everything is so slow right now. We were slammed with work, then the new year came along...and's like everyone died or something. I hope things get better soon. I just keep working away and hope for the best. Thank goodness for running. I'd probably would have imploded by now.

Last week:

M- 7 (sucky, sucky, sucky run)
T- 7.5 (@ park!)
W - Off (walk in a rain storm)
Th - 7
F - 7 (massage in the evening)
Sat - 5
Sun - 12.5

Total: 46 Miles

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