Monday, January 19, 2009


I have been on the treadmill for 2 weeks! I think that is some kind of record for me. I thought last Monday I would have a chance to get out, but I got home too late. I have a rule, if I can't jump onto the curb or lawns to avoid cars in the dark, I won't run outside. I just won't risk it. The temps have just been down right obscene cold. Which make me ever so excited that I'm going to Florida tomorrow!!! I'm more excited to get out and run in my shorts then anything else. I'm going to run everyday I'm much as I can. I'm so pumped about it.
We almost went to Florida this past week which would have put me into the Naples Half (which would have been more of a fun run per lack of training)....but we decided on this week due to it being much cheaper airfare. Nonetheless, I'm excited to get a little break from the cold weather.

As far as my running, I'm kind of getting used to my treadmill. I'll have to shoot a picture of it. It's kind of pathetic and funny, but it works. I can't believe this thing hasn't broken down yet. Last week I logged 41 miles. Most of them I felt pretty darn good. I start out a bit slower and take it down. I've gotten in the habit of speeding up during commercial breaks which makes for a little fartlek type run. Good times.

Everything is going fairly well. I have had major issues with doing morning runs and workouts. The last 2 weeks have been evening runs which fit into my schedule so it works. I really am more of a morning person, but something happened. Not sure if I'm just not sleeping as well, or if I just got used to sleeping an hour later. Whatever it is, I have to get out of this funk and wake my butt up. Just glad to be logging miles though.

In other news, I finally opened a Facebook account.....after much persuasion. It's actually pretty neat. It's like a whole new little world of networking. I just can't get too sucked in.

Weekly rundown (I'm going to try and post a quick weekly rundown from now on....hope it makes me a better blogger):

M-7 m
T-7.5 m
W-30 minute bike, lift
Th- 8 m
F- 7 m
S - Off
Sun - 11.5 m

All treadmill....blah. Off to Florida though!

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