Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back from Paradise

Jason and I went on a quick, little trip from Florida. It was a nice break. We went down to Naples and soaked in some sun and relaxation. I really love spending quality time with my husband. I guess I'm one of the few who is actually happy to be married...to whom I'm married to.

I was more thrilled to be able to run outside then anything else. When we arrived, they were in the midst of a cold spell....which was quite warm for us. It dipped to 32 degrees the first couple nights, but once the sun came out it warmed up nicely. I thoroughly enjoyed every step of my runs....even though I felt like crud on a couple of them. It just felt so nice to have sun beating on my skin...in shorts and a T-shirt. Once funny site...I was running through a ritzy, ditsy area of new homes, and I see this lady pull up in a fancy car and get out to check the status of her new home being built. She comes out wearing super fuzzy boots and a zebra print fur coat....and a handbag as big as my checked luggage. It was really funny watching her walk around the construction site. It was around 65 degrees that day. Wish I had a camera. Ahhh....back to reality.

So I figured out that my sore lower back and glutes had to have been from the treadmill running. Once I got outside, everything loosened up and I feel much better. I have a massage coming up on Friday which I received as a Christmas gift. The lady actually comes out to your house. Jason and I both are actually getting a massage. I'm excited about this new idea of a traveling masseuse.

Oh...I finally opened a Facebook account. I spent a while making fun of my hubby about it...until I got sucked in. I can't believe how many people you can hook up with that you forgot existed. It's so much easier to keep in touch. Great concept.

On this weeks running front, just planning on cruising along. I'm hoping to start up with a few more structured fartleks...to get me going a bit. I'm kind of lost without some real concrete running goals. We'll see how it all goes.

M-7 miles (Treadmill)
T- 30 Minute Bike/Lift
W-8 Mile Run (7:43 pace w/ Garmin....Naples)
Th- 8 .5 Mile Run (7:41 pace w/ Garmin....Naples)
F- 8 Mile Run....Naples
Sat- 12 Mile Run....Naples
Sun - 5.5 Mile Run (Treadmill....back home)

Total Miles: 49 Miles

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