Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things no one mentioned

Hello Week 22. Its goes so fast, yet so slow at the same time. It's kind of like college...or training for a marathon.

I'm not really complaining, but there are these crazy things going on with my body that no one really seems to talk about. It's always the "morning sickness" and "being tired" people talk about. No one seems to mention the every couple hours you wake up at night to either pee, or just stare at the clock. I guess sleep deprivation starts before you have the baby! Must be mother natures nasty joke to get you prepared. Also, I was greeted this week with a re-visit of morning sickness (aka. all day sickness). When I lay on my back I can't breath. Apparently something is pushing up on my lungs. I walk like a duck. I guess I waddle....and this is due to my hips and pelvis being so freakin' sore. What's that all about? Running is just plain funny. Yes, I run...I start slow and pick it up as I loosen up, but I think I waddle weather or not I know it. Ahhh...the joys.

So, today some of the employees were informed I was pregnant. I guess they figured it out by the way I walked. I just had to laugh. I tried to hide it for a while because they are all men that tend to act funny about dealing with a pregnant women (or women in general really). I'm not the one who told them...but at least they know and I don't have to keep wearing the same 3 extra drapey shirts to work anymore. My belly has popped out and I don't care to try and hide it anymore. Oh the liberation :)

On the running front, last week was a bit rough because I was feeling sick and work was crazy, but I got in 22 miles over 5 days and did some biking, pilates, core & stretching. I'm feeling pretty darn good physically (other then the above listed pregnancy symptoms). This week was a rough start, but I've kept up pretty well. The goal is to keep physically in shape. I'm not looking to break any mileage records or times, just stay in good, physical shape without breaking myself down in any way. My runs were between 4-5 miles. I'll be happy to keep then all between 4-6 and between 20-25 miles per week with the respective cross training and core. I do have to admit, running is a little harder for me then I anticipated. I didn't think my hips, back, and pelvis would be so bothersome at this point. Running actually helps loosen it up, but it's never completely loose. O well.....I'm doing what I can. It won't be forever. Soon enough I'll be wishing I had an excuse to back down a bit from all the training.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Take the good with the bad

Maybe I'm not keeping as up to date with my blog as I would like, but I think about writing often. It's the thoughts that counts right? Maybe not.

So the last few weeks have seen some progress with my groin. After 5 weeks cross training, trying to unsuccessfully run a few steps, and much pouting, I finally was able to get out and run/walk 4 miles for a week which built up to 4 miles of running. Horrah! My groin pain is minimal and getting better each day. I'm just happy that I can run. I feel like an old lady waddling around the streets, but my body is getting used to it again. I'm just a few pounds heavier and a bit more front heavy....and I can completely tell while I'm running. I'm just wondering if it's something I'll get used to, or if it's just something I'll have to deal with.

Last weekend I made a trip out to Lakewood for the Reindeer Run 5K. It was cold, but I met up with 8 other fantastic ladies. The best part was that 4 others were pregnant! How great is that? It's like a mini support group. The "race" went well. I averaged about 8 minute pace comfortably. Not bad considering the past few weeks and the pregnancy I suppose. To make the morning even better, we headed to the Original Pancake House. The wait was long, and I was ready to eat the carpet, but it was well worth the wait. What a selection! I had the best Cinnamon Raisin Pancakes! My Garmin took me took me on some odd route home, but I made it and was completely pooped out. It was a great day that I very much needed though.

So in the "gotta me kidding me" news, I'm sitting here at work, while my parents are in Florida only to have our main set-up guy come in and tell me he found another job and is starting Monday. I'm like " are you serious? you're giving us only 3 days notice?" Talk about a pile of poo that just got shoveled onto me in an instant. Seriously, I'm going to scream! Argh. I had to get the off my chest.

So anyway, I'm currently almost 21 weeks and everything is going really well. We had an ultrasound on Friday and found out we are having a BOY! I'm so excited, and even more excited about the fact that everything looked healthy. I feel like a blimp, but I know that there is much, much, much more to come. I'm just hoping it goes fast!!!

The weather is taking a turn for the bad, but I'm not going to complain too much as we had an amazing fall. I just wish I wasn't stuck on the cross training stuff for 5 of those weeks. I'm hoping to build up my running a bit more and get to a steady routine mixed in with cross training and yoga. Something had to keep to sane!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally, an update

It's been a record time that I haven't updated my blog....that's for sure! The main reason is that I'm pregnant and was too sick to think about anything other then getting through my days. I'm super thrilled about being pregnant, but at the same time, I completely fell off the game of life. I'm currently 17 weeks and counting (Due April 22nd)!!

On the running front, I stayed a stable 50 miles per week until about Week 7. I was sick week 7 and thought I could grit it through, but I just couldn't stand running. I decided to take a couple weeks and do some cross training and very, very light running. My motto is "If you don't enjoy it, why do it?" So, after those 2 weeks, I got back up to 30 miles per week (5 days per week) along with cross training the other 2 days....usually biking. I take a nightly walk and do some sort of core type stuff to try and keep some strength up. I sustained this through week 14 until I noticed I pulled my groin. I tripped over my cat at home and noticed some pulling in my groin a couple weeks before that, but I didn't think anything of it and kept on running. It never bothered me unless I did some deep stretching, then BAM, one day I could hardly walk. That was almost 3 weeks ago and my groin is still not in running condition. I cross train every day just as much as running...and still do core and my walks, but no running at the moment. I would love to be out running, but I'm not freaked out about not running either. I'm happy to be working out and staying in shape. Maybe it's a good chance to condition other parts of my body. I am hoping to be out soon though. Nothing is like running. I'm thinking the pregnancy isn't helping the healing cause one bit though.

So that's the running front. On the pregnancy's been anything other then stress free. From what happened last time, I've been a nervous wreck from the start. We had a couple good scares with some bleeding issues which was enough to want to have all my hair fall out. I don't think I'll ever really breathe a sigh of relieve except for the little moments when I know everything is okay at that moment. We have a big ultrasound on Dec.4th. I want to find out what gender the baby is, but Jason doesn' we'll see. I'm just a planner by nature....Jason loves surprises. Either way, I just hope we are all healthy in the end.

I can't complain too much right now. I'm feeling much better then I did. I was sick 24/7 from week 6-14, but now I feel decent. I still have my moments, particularly at night, but it's better then all day. No one really tells you about how terrible the nights are. It's almost impossible to get a good night sleep, I think. If it's not the night sweats, I have to pee, or I just can't sleep. I'd say every 2-3 days I'm up half the night. The other nights I sleep, but I wake up every few hours to go to the bathroom. Fun. I finally broke down and started wearing maternity pants...which are amazingly comfy. Unless you know I'm pregnant, people can't really tell. Yeah....give that another couple weeks. I think my belly is on a growth spurt lately. Yikes! It's not so bad though...yet. It's funny, I don't feel fat...just pregnant. It's a very different feeling. My body has definitely been taken over :) I'm very thankful for the chance to have this baby though.

So that is about the most summed up version of my life. There are a million other things that have been going on, but nothing as important as that is it for this blog. I should be updating weekly again. Hopefully, I'll be running soon so I have some numbers to post. Otherwise, my butt in on the bike or elliptical....for now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10 Year Reunion

I know, it's been a while. Life has been a little crazy these days. Time sure goes fast.

Speaking of time, I spent this past weekend attending our MAC 10 Year Reunion. We were the first MAC Champs in Cross Country at the University in 1999. 3 of us met for dinner Friday night with our coach. It was fittingly at the Spaghetti Warehouse. We sat and chatted for a few hours over our meals. It really felt like I was zapped back in time.

The next day 4 of us "old timers" attended the Akron Home Meet and were part of a nice little recognition. Wow, it was nice to see some old teammates who live out of town. Everyone has kids and seemed to be doing well. Apparently, I'm the only one who is still on the running bandwagon as of now. I guess some of them just came off of having kids though. It was really heartwarming to be around everyone and hear the coaches kind words about us. It seems like it all just happened and all so long ago at the same time. Those years with the team were some of the best and craziest of my life. We were one big dysfunctional family....and it was great!

So anyway, I've been running and keeping steady. The past few weeks have all been 50+ so that is really a good thing. I felt really good that whole time. No great workouts or races, but just some nice runs and mileage. The core work has been excellent as well. I've been doing something every night. Just 10-15 minutes each evening makes a big difference in a short amount of time. I'm just enjoying my time and waiting for my favorite season to cast upon us....FALL!!! I can't wait for the cool temps and the crisp leaves under my feet. I especially can't wait for caramel apples and apple cider.

Happy running to all!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Time

I can't believe it's August. It has been a hot couple of days! I've heard so many people complaining about how this summer hasn't "felt like summer" because it's been so "cold." My response is, "YOU ARE ALL CRAZY!" I LOVE the weather we've been having. It's been mostly in the 70's and sometimes 80's. Nice running weather. Nice sleeping weather. Nice during the day. What more do you want? Well, it's been in the 90's with high humidity the past couple there. I hope you are enjoying your sweaty butts off. Crazy I tell ya.

A couple weekends ago was the Burning River 100. It's a 100 mile endurance run in the area. I went up to the Boston store with some cookies for the 60+ mile rest stop. I made some very plain sour cream cookies with orange glaze. I couldn't even imagine what you'd want to eat at that point. I stuck around for about an hour or so catching up with some friends...enough to catch the first couple people run through. Jason and I were going to head down to the covered bridge aid station later in the night.

That night we went to the covered bride. It was a really neat rest stop. The bridge was all lit up. We met a woman and her parents while sitting around a fire. The woman's husband was running his 2nd 100 mile race. I guess he's completed a few Iron Man's as well as the one in Kona, Hawaii. How cool is that? That is a life goal of mine. I would love to be at the start line (and finish) of the Hawaii Iron Man someday. That is a later in life goal though. I need about that long to train for the swimming part. Anyway, I thought it was rather interesting to hear about her husbands accomplishments. One thing we were all discussing was how normal all these runners really are. They have families, jobs & friends like everyone else. The woman was telling me when she told her parents her husband was going to be running 100 miles...they immediately thought there was something wrong with him. Once they came out and watched, and got to know him, they realized it was just something he did. He wasn't abnormal. Most runners aren't any more abornmal then most other people. It's a novel thought to most people. What's normal anyway?

So, there we were stitting with our dog at the 80+ mile mark talking to these people watching the runners trek through. Jason apparently thought there'd be more action. I was like "what did you expect? The Indy 500 blazing through?" It was pretty funny. I have to say that I found each and every one of the runners to be an inspiriation. I am "only" a marathon runners so to run 100 miles seems amazing. It planted a seed of "maybe one day" in my head.

In other news, I have a wedding cake order this weekend to get done! Yikes! It's a real tiered wedding cake. It's for a good friend of mine. She hired another friend of ours to do the flowers since she owns a flower shop. I think that's pretty neat. It's quite a bit of work getting this done in my kitchen, but the prep work is coming along nicely. I hope it turns out as she and I envisioned...and I hope she loves it! I'll post some pics when the wedding is over. :)

On the running front, things are going well. I've been plugging away at 50 miles per week. Nice and relaxed. I mixed in a few relxed hard miles on one run to get the legs moving since I haven't raced. The pace for those were around 6:50's so that was nice. All in all, there are no complaints.

Weekly Rundown:

(Week of July 27th)

M- 40 minute Bike / Core
T- 8m
W- 8m
Th- 7m
F- 8.5 Fartlek (harder mile every 2....7:03, 6:55. 6:49)
Sat- 8m
Sun- 10.5m

Total: 50m

(Week of August 3)

M- 40 min bike / core
T- 8m
W- 8m
Th- 7m
F- 11m
Sat- 8m
Sun- 8m (HUMID!)

Total: 50m

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Johnnycake Jog

I'm sitting at my desk kind of with a nervous twitch from the coffee overload, staring out at the rain, and a small kitten skiddishly making its way into the office for some cat food. Yes, we feed the strays. A couple of them come and nap on the chairs we have in the office. Sometimes it feels like a zoo with the dog (I bring my dog to work with me).

Anyway, business is still really sucky. Manufacturing for small business is in no hurry to pick up and we have come to terms with that. We are on 4 days a week and are tossing around ideas of who to lay off and what to do. Argh. It's such a depressing situation to be in. I have daily headaches which I'm sure work is contributing to. I look at our employees and can't bear to think of who to lay off before who. Sigh. Trying to make lemonade out of lemons or whatever.....trying to keep a positive spin on things.

So last weekend I ran the Johnneycake Jog which is a larger local race that brings out a lot of fast runners. I usually love it because of the competition....not because of the course, believe me. It can be fast, but it never really is for me (except for last year). I went into it to have fun since I'm not fast enough to be competitive at this point. My sister in law in newer to running and came along to run. Jason came along to watch and my parents and brother showed up...suprise!!! I was excited to have the family there.

I met up with a few of my running friends and we did a warm up. I felt a little tired and sluggish, but that can be normal. I did a little stretching and chatting and got to the start line. The gun went off and off we went. I felt like I was running fast.....but I had a feeling it wasn't all that fast. It just felt a little more forced then I would have liked. Went through the first mile in 6:29...booo. I thought I would either have felt better running a 6:29 or have felt the way I did running 6:15-19 or something. I didn't really know what to expect I guess. So I thought I kept up the pace pretty well the second mile. I was around 13:21 which sounds crappy but the second mile is so darn slow all the time. Not sure if it's long. I kept of trucking along and trying to catch people ahead of me. 3rd mile came around at 19:40's. We made the turn on the long, boring last stretch. I was feeling pretty tired but kept going. I knew I wasn't fast, but I didn't want to wuss out on giving it what I had. 4th mile was around 26 something. The last mile was a tough one, especially the last 800m. I usually have a good kick and have really good strength at the end of a race, but I just didn't have it today. A couple girls I went back and forth with during the race pulled ahead. I HATE that!!! I just couldn't go with them. I saw the clock and the finish. 32:53....15th overall. Actually, not bad....especially since I didn't feel so great at any point of the race. It was what I told myself I would be happy with at this point. Last year I was 3rd with 30:53 so you can't help but compare....but I got with reality, and over it and was happy.

I found my friends and ran a cooldown with them. I had a killer headache but it went well. No one sounded like they felt all that awesome either even though they had some speedy times. I have to admit, my 5K I ran on the 4th of July felt much much better then today. O well.

So, I wanted to mention how proud I was of my sister in law Michelle. She got out there and ran a good 5 miles. She was worried about finishing or being last...but she finished just fine and wasn't close to last! I love when people pick up running and keep at it. I can't wait to see her progress. I'm sure it's not easy with a toddler and baby.

So, that was my weekend. We had a delicious breakfast and called it a day and headed home. I am thinking about running a 5K this weekend just because it's 1 mile from my house. I'm not sure if I am really going to do it or not. It's going to be on a whim if I decide to do so. I guess I'm trying to squeeze in as much faster running as I can before I devote my body to another cause for a while :)

My runs have been going well for the most part. Right now I'm having odd issues with sleeping at night and headaches. I'm not sure if it's underlying stress (who me? stressed?) or just being tired. I eventaully fall asleep, but the headaches are annoying. They are the tension headache type...not the stabbing type. I'm not too's just annoying. Maybe I should lay off the coffee. I notice I'm more edgy and get into long rants about certain topics that set off my trigger.....don't even get me started with the medical arena....that was todays rant.

Hopefully, next week will be a good week at work (hoping...but not holding my breath) and running goes smoothly. Still planning on staying around 50 per week easy with maybe a little quick run thrown in if I don't run the race this weekend.

Weekly Rundown:

M- Bike 40 Min
T- 8m
W- 7m
Th- 8m
F- 8m
Sat- 6m
Sun- 10m (5m race)

Total: 47 Miles

Monday, July 20, 2009

Trail Running

So, I forgot to post this from last week.......I will have another post later this week. I'm determined to keep up with this blog!!!!

Last weekend was a blast! I volunteered Saturday at Muddy Paws. The day started out early and humid. I ended up being at the water stop at 2.8 mile & 7.8 mile on the course. This was a 5 mile loop course with the option of people running 1 or 2 loops. There was a 2 mile race with your dog too. Awesome! There were 6 of us working the water stop. I didn't expect it to be so much fun....and so buggy. I was eaten alive, but it was well worth it.

It's nice to get a different perspective on racing as a volunteer. It's funny when people run by and you recognize them from something other then running. There were a couple people I saw from years ago...that were never runners...running!! I must get easy amused. I love when people "convert" to running.

So, after the race, we decided to get some miles in and run the course a couple times. I am not in the trail running "business" but I do love running on them from time to time. I tend not to venture out on them as much as I'd like to since I'm not sure where the heck I'm going. This run was tough! Kendall Hills, I remember from college, is very tough...but I forgot how tough! We were planning on 10, but the skies opened up and dumped a big storm on us. To make a very long (and lost) story short, we ended up with 9. I was wet, exhausted, and fine with that for the day. Nothing like running up the largest peak at the park in the middle of torrential rain , thunder, and lightening. At least I had my buddy E with me!!!

The next day I ran with the group of people I volunteered with. We started from Boston Store and went out and back on the Buckeye Trail. WOW! That was tough. It was 10 miles and I was trying not to die on the run. If we weren't running over fallen trees, roots, or river...we were hiking (literally) up hills and endless stairs. It was such a good time though. I was so exhausted when I got home. Oddly exhausted. I wasn't sure if it was just from the runs and/or lack of sleep...or other factors. All I know is I was BEAT!

Jason was out of town for the weekend so he wasn't around to witness my pathetic butt. I have lots of work to do I guess. So, the plan is to try and get on the trails once a week with a group. I hope it works out. There is something nice about being out in nature without all the it's a killer of a workout.

Up next weekend is the Johnnycake Jog. We'll see what happens there. Looking forward to having fun with family and friends!!

Weekly Rundown:

M: 7.5 M
T: Off - Tired
W: 8m
Th: 8m
F: 8m
Sat: 9m (Trails)
Sun: 10m (Trails)

Total: 50.5 Miles

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

What a week! We decided to shut down our business for the week, last week, since A) there was a holiday B) we are slow C) the employees can use up some vacation time since we are slow. All in all, it was nice....but I have to admit I would much rather be working overtime because of having too much work rather then taking time off due to a weak backlog. What can you do though?

So, last week I was home. Had lots to do and the time flew by. One thing that really encompassed my week was our annual 4th of July BBQ. We do it every year on the day Hudson has their fabulous fireworks display. It really is amazing for a small suburb display....and our house has a front row seat. Great times. This year seemed more hectic leading up to the party and more crazy the day of. We had enough food to feed a poor country and enough pop and beer to fill Lake Erie.

The display was on the 3rd...which meant the annual Hudson Firecracker 5K was the morning after. Argh! I was iffy about running it due to the fact that our party was the night before...and I wouldn't be close to competitive. I got over the competitive part and told myself I just gotta go out and do what I can....but I wasn't sure how I would do based on the crazy week and lack of sleep.

Once our party was over, Jason and I stayed up until 2:30am cleaning up. My really good friend stayed the night with her twins....whom I'm the God mommy of one. Everyone was willing to wake up and go to the race if I decided to run.

That morning, I woke up and was totally beat, but decided to get out and enjoy the 4th. Jackie was up with the girls...and I peeled my husband out of bed. We all headed out to the race and it was a blast as usual. It was so nice to have my husband, friend, and twins at the finish line.

(Post Race with the twins...their first 5k experience!!! This was the best shot we could get with everything going on.)

As far as the race goes, I was really happy with the effort. It's a hilly course too. The one thing I was disappointed with was the mile markers were not marked so I wasn't quite sure where we were at. I decided to latch onto a group of high school aged girls most of the race. I felt pretty good and went with the flow. I told myself if I felt good enough, I could work the last big hill and work it in the last quarter mile or so downhill. I did just that. I passed up most of the girls on the hills, passed one more coming in...but didn't quite catch the first girl. That's okay though. I came through 2nd place overall and with a time of 19:29. Not bad. I felt really good too considering everything. My lungs definitely had the burn from running fast, but other then that, nothing felt too weird. I'm so glad I decided to get my groggy butt to the start line.

The next morning I felt really great and did my 10 miles. Good sign. I plan on running a few races and see what I can do for a little while. I'm not committing to anything or starting any great training...but I'll tell you, nothing beats getting out on race morning and doing your best and being competitive within your means. It's a fantastic feeling that is hard to describe to those who don't do it...or get it.

This weekend I'll be volunteering at the Muddy Paws Race and am excited about. There will be people racers and doggie great is that?!? I had plans on volunteering at a bunch of races when I found out I was expecting.....and I plan on still keeping up with that thought even though things changed. It's just good to be out in the scene.

Weekly Rundown:

M- 7m
T- 8.5m
W- 6.5m
Th- 7m
F- 8m
Sat- 5m (5K Race)
Sun- 10m

Total: 52m

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy July

It's a new month and I'm still alive! So the last few weeks have been crazy. It's one of those times in your life when things really do change. I'm not quite sure if it's just all the swirl of emotions and feelings, but I have a new perspective on a lot of things.

So, I'm ready to move on and am really trying hard to keep things in perspective and be logical about everything. It's sad not to be pregnant like I thought I was suppose to be at this point. You get used to the idea very quickly and start making plans....and get more attached then you'd ever think. I didn't think I was as attached to my pregnancy until it was gone. It's a very surreal feeling. I never thought I could miss something I never knew or really had. Very deep sense of loss. I thought I'd be more upset with losing 13 weeks and having a wrench thrown in the plans, then having a feeling of loss. Interesting.

With that said, this is so much more common then I had ever thought. I thought people get pregnant and have babies....and that's it. Every once in a while something happens....but not me. Yeah right. Seems like every other person I know has had something like this happen. People just don't talk about it. It's pretty creepy actually. According to my doctor, I'm pretty lucky in that my bad pregnancy was a random act of nature that doesn't happen to the same person twice very often. My body is very healthy so that is a good thing....I suppose. I never knew that your body could be pregnant for so long after "losing" a pregnancy so soon. Supposedly, my pregnancy was doomed from the very beginning. It just took this long to figure it out. I never had any symptoms or clues. Weird.

I was very sad with a great sense of loss.....then lonely. The waves of emotions came on strong and would quickly come and go. Thank goodness for Jason. He is an amazing husband and support. I know he had a very hard time with the situation as well. Most recently, I had this anger thing going on. It was surprising to me. This very, very strong sense of anger would come on....and I wasn't really angry at anyone or anything specifically. I'm thinking it had to do with my follow up visit....among other little things. I think I just didn't want to deal with the "old pregnancy" again. It kept me from moving on I guess. I was super annoyed with having my through the roof blood pressure checked that day....and having to step on the scale to see my rapid weight loss. I knew I lost quite a bit of weight in 2 weeks since my appetite was next to nothing. That was actually the worst part.

So, anyway, my doctor came in and we talked for like 15 minutes....mostly about running. Turns out she is a runner! Not overly competitive, but a runner nonetheless. It really made my day to have this conversation. I walked out feeling pretty good....but still different from the person who I was a few months before. I'm sure I'm much better in certain ways....mostly with my outlook and perspective.

It's funny how life can do funny thing to you and funny times. Just roll with the punches and you'll get to where to need to be.

On the running front....I'm back to about 50 miles per week and feeling pretty darn good. I've been running just about everyday. It's a great stress relief and keep me even keel. I plan on running a few races for fun to see where I am....maybe throw in a couple tempo/fartlek type runs for good measure. In the mean time....we'll see what the future brings.

I plan on getting back to my normal posts from now on.......

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not to be this time.....

Just an update. Life is not always good news. We went in for an appointment Friday to hear the heart beat...and heart beat....then had an baby. I was 13 weeks. I had what was called a blighted ovum. I was able to get into surgery the next morning and everything went well. All the people were amazing that were involved. Now it is time for a little healing. Physically everything is great. We hope to move on quickly. This news is more devastating then I would have ever thought, but I know life could have always been worse. At least Jason and I are both healthy, and this is apparently a complete random, freak of nature that is common in bad pregnancies.

Just taking a couple days off from running and am anxious to get back to my normal routine which will help things even more. Hopefully, good news to come soon......

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week 12

Welcome to Week 12. First trimester is almost over and I've been feeling great this week! Running hasn't been as tortuous and I think it has more to do with the weather then anything. I would seriously be okay with the weather being 55 all summer. I know I would get booed out of a party for saying that, but that's just me.

This past week, like I said, has been pretty good. I'm feeling more in my belly area and I'm thinking it's just things slowly expanding. Nothing really showing yet, but I may be on the verge.

Jason has taken a great part in wanting to drive me nuts. He is worse then my mother. He is always concerned about where I'm going, how much or how fast I'm running, how I'm feeling, if I made my doctors appointment, wants to take birthing classes, help deliver. Wow! I told him we really needed to change places. I'm just not really into anything other then getting this done. He definitely has daddy in his DNA. He's just a great guy (makes me tear up)....even though he's driving me nuts already.

Running wise, it had been a better week so far in terms of how I'm feeling. Last week was okay, but I had to struggle to get out the door and get my runs done. The weekend was cooler and I felt better. I'll take what I can get these days. Just happy to be out and about. I kind of miss racing though. I guess it never leaves your blood.

Weekly rundown:

M- Off
T- 6m
W- 6m (treadmill blah)
Th- 6m
F- 6m
Sat- 7.5m (decent run)
Sun- 8.5m (good run)

Total: 40 miles

O, by the way, my brain is completely useless. I can't remember anything anyone tells me, and I'm completely a scatter brain. That is so completely opposite of who I am on a normal basis and it's quite frustrating actually. It will be interesting to see all the other fun things that pop up along the way!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm back

So, it's been a while, and for good reason. I've been running and had things to talk about, but I waited to start blogging again until I felt comfortable to write about the fact that I'm having a baby!! O yeah....I've officially crossed over to the "dark" side and am going to be a pregnant runner for the time being.

We had out first appointment last week and it went well...mostly. Apparently, I pass out like a light if I don't lie down when having a blood draw. Other then that, things went well. We get to hear the heart beat in a couple weeks! Wow! Even though we have come to reality and realize we are pregnant, it still doesn't feel real because I haven't really gained any weight, nor has my belly done anything...yet. I know it's coming though!! Oh, at this point I'm just about 11 weeks and should be due December 18, 2009! My gosh, there are a million people we know that are having babies in November and December!

To make the first 11 weeks quick, I have my off and on nausea moments and tiredness, but overall I know it could be much worse, so I'm not complaining. I'm actually finding the whole process very interesting in what happens to your body. It's like I'm learning about a whole other side of myself. As of week 10, I have felt 100 time better then I did 6-10. I hope it lasts. It's one of those day by day things. The bummer side so far is I pretty much hate eating anything and I CAN NOT STAND COFFEE! What?!? I was a coffee hog and had a cup in my hand all day long. It's crazy. I don't like lunch meat, rare steak, pungent cheese, or anything artificial smelling. Everything is now unscented and all the candles are put away. Jason is a gem about taking the garbage and kitty litter out (maybe it's because I'm ready to heave at the slightest smell of it).

On the running front, I was keeping up my 50 mile weeks up until about week 7 or 8. I kind of crashed out after Mother's Day weekend and needed a couple days off and cut some mileage to recoup. That was a 31 mile week. Oh, these was the week before that I needed an extra day off which made it a 41 mile week. So once I felt like I got my grip on my body and how I was feeling, I ran 41 mile last week and hope to keep it around there for a while. Perhaps the occasional 30 mile week with lots of cross training. I've actually been craving doing some other activities. When you are training for a marathon, you just don't have the time. It's a good excuse for that. I think it would be a good mental break while working supporting running muscles. I'll see how I feel.

The only surprise to me thus far is how hard running became so quickly. I always though that while running pregnant, running got hard because you gained weight. Um no. Apparently, you get quite a bit of extra blood running through your system which is allocated to other organs and the fetus which pretty much sucks all the air out of you. I feel like an old lady breathing when I run. Most days I'm running, I'm guessing, a little slower then normal, but it feels much harder. It's hard to get motivated to go for runs when you're not feeling well, or tired, and you know you're going to be sucking air like a hose. Most of the time the runs make me feel good after though. I'm just taking it day by day. I'm hoping the feeling of it being more of a chore goes away, and my normal attitude of just loving to run takes back over. I mean, I still love running, it's just much harder at this point to be all excited about it. Perhaps it's the lack of impending races or something too.

So all in all, life is really good. I (we) are hoping this goes as smoothly as possible...and that December gets here as fast as possible...ha ha!

Last week rundown:

M- 6m (good run)
T- 40 minute bike
W- 7m (treadmill....too hot out)
Th- 6m (treadmill very tired on this run
F- 6m
Sat- 6m
Sun- 10m (actually a good run)

Total: 41 Miles

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy May

Is it May already? Time has flown by the past couple weeks. I'm still in March. The weather has let up, and everything is blooming. I love this time of year more and more each year.

Things are crazy hectic with various events going on, but I will find time to post a more detailed training blog in the next few days.

Congrats to all those that raced the marathons and other races the past couple weeks. Seems like the season has a good start to a lot of people. It's nice to see!

More to come soon....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I did it again...

How did I miss a week of blogging again? It's like I get caught in some sort of time warp. I think in my last blog I mentioned something about no snow. Well, the little black cloud that follows my words was on me...and it snowed early last week. Yuck! Thankfully, my tulips are over it....and so am I. I am waaaaaaay over it.

Nothing too exciting going on in my non-running world to report on. Work it about the same. We went to a little ASME Industry Night to promote our business and hook up with some other engineers. It was actually a really, really good time. The best one yet. I'm really getting used to being home Fridays and working.

Jason is getting very busy at work....but REALLY needs to get to school and finish his darn thesis! He was suppose to defend and walk in May...but that is pushed back to August (I hope!!). I told him he ruined a big surprise party I planned for June. I was lying of course....terrible I know. I'm trying to guilt him into finishing his Ph.D. Take the motivation where you can get it right? Works with running....why not other areas? Ha ha :)

Speaking of's best. Still super consistent with my mileage, which is a plus. My workouts are so/so....not the times I'm used to pumping out as easily as I do, but again, I'm not in training mode in any sort of way. I've just been feeling a little off though. I'm lucky if I feel good 2 times per week. Not that I feel horrible or anything, just not as chipper as usual. I'm still glad to get out and do my thing. Running is like breathing to me.

For quick rundown on the last 2 weeks.....I did a Tempo (which I think I ran a little too hard) and a long run 2 weeks ago...the last week I was too icky feeling to do any harder workout, so I combined my longer run with a workout to make a Dynamic run. Worked out great and I actually felt great.

As far as this week is going...not so great. My runs are okay...but my attempted 800 reps yesterday failed as I was struggling to hit times that should NOT have felt easy to hit for a workout. (I feel like a broken record). I stopped after 3 (of 5) and finished the rest as an easy run since I got really bad lower tummy cramps. Kind of freaky. Time to listen to my body a little better for a while. I gotta see what it's trying to tell me.

Weekly Rundown (Week of April 1st)

M- Off (pooped out)
T- 8m Morning (nice!)
W- 8m (2m w/u&c/d....4m Tempo (6:40, 6:43, 6:36, 6:35))
Th- 6m
F- 8m (rainy rainy)
Sat- 7m
Sun- 14m

Total: 51m

(Week of April 7th)

M- 7m
T- 40 min Bike
W- 8m
Th- 8m (nice run - Kirtland)
F- 7m
Sat- 12m Dynamic Run (8:22, 7:50, 6:56, 7:49, 6:54, 7:41 6:49, 7:34 6:44, 7:44, 6:44, 7:51 - Towpath....GREAT run overall, especially 2nd half)
Sun- 7m (Happy Easter)

Total: 49m

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. I had my family over and it was hectic, but worth always.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April

It's April, which in my book means the brunt of any sort of major winter weather SHOULD be over! You know the saying, "April Showers....." it's not April Snow. My tulips are starting to bloom, the greenhouses are buzzing....I love it!

So, last week was another steady, consistent week. I feel rather boring with my mileage when I look back on each week. I think consistency is a very good thing though. Each day, I enjoy my runs, and enjoy 1 day off a week. My mileage keep averaging around 50 with 1 workout and 1 long run. Even though I don't have major plans, I'm hoping this will help my strength and stamina in the races I plan on running. I like to be a bit more dynamic with my training when I'm very specific on my racing goals. I like to work hard...and rest easy.

So last week, I was driving home on Tuesday and noticed the new neighbors across the street in the woods. It was the woman, and it looked to me like she started a small fire to burn something. I was thinking "Seriously? She could catch one of the trees on fire and all the woods could catch on fire in a minute." Who has a fire right in the woods, in the back yard, with houses lining the trees? Well, as I was getting ready to run, my dog was freaking out staring out the window. Then I hear TONS of sirens. The stupid-bug hit me or something, because I totally didn't think anything of it, nor did I notice the THICK BLACK SMOKE clouding the sky. I laced up my running shoes and headed out. As soon as I stepped out of my garage, I saw it all. You guessed it.... the woods were on fire! I think the whole fire department, EMS, and police department were in our cul-de-sac. Crazy. So one of the neighbors (the ones who live directly next to them....who have their shed in the woods), came and we spoke for a while. I guess when I saw the woman in the woods, she was actually trying to put OUT the fire with her garden hose. Good idea lady. I guess they had a bon fire the night before, which was apparently large, and it never quite went out. To make the rest of the story short, they got it out after battling it for a while...and who knows what kind of trouble those people got into. Geeze...think people! I don't even want to get into the dog they let roam all around the neighborhood without keeping an eye on him. I LOVE dogs....but not ones that come into my yard and freak my dog out. They seem like nice people....I guess they just didn't get a good start. Maybe they'll make a comeback.

In work news, we laid of our first person every today. Boooo. We are hoping that if things pick up to call him back VERY SOON! They don't teach you all these things in school...or anywhere else really, about running your own business. It can be brutal.
On an optimistic note, the first quarter is over, the fresh new second is starting. I have high hopes. Keep on trucking along and doing what you can I guess. Life could always be worse.

I'm thinking of perhaps running a race this weekend. If I do, it will probably be in Hudson, and I may treat it as more of a hard run then a race. It's at the park I run at sometimes and it's VERY hilly, on trails, and not conducive to any sort of fast times. It would probably be a fantastic workout though. We'll see.

Weekly Rundown:

M- 6m (morning)
T- 8m (evening)
W- 6m (morning)
Th- 8m workout (8x400 (approx) uphill, 400 down rec, all within 1:42-1:45...yeah, it was hard!)F- 8m (morning - later)
Sat- OFF (babysat the twins...I'll have to blog about that sometime!!!)
Sun- 14.5 miles

Total: 50.5

Hope everyone is having a good start to the month!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Looks like I somehow missed a week of blogging. Last week was pure insanity at work as I was running back and forth between work and Cleveland for a Manufacturing Conference. We are in high gear at our shop trying to keep our heads above water and ride this out. I have come to a realization that we have to completely revamp our business strategy for the long term future. This is a good time to do that. I think that a lot of people get down and depressed and forget that one day things will turn around and an opportunity to evaluate your business will be gone. In times of hardship, there is a lot of opportunity. Remember, the Chocolate Chip Cookie was invented during the Great depression! Now, if I can just find about $5 mil under a rock to do what we need to do at our business.

On the running front, things are moving along nicely. I'm in a great groove and have a consistant schedule. I'm finding a lot of solitude in this. The week of Malachi I ran 48 miles and last week I topped off at 50. On the Tuesday before Malachi, I did a workout so my legs wouldn't forget how to run faster. I did 3x1 mile with a 400 jog, 800 jog, & 400 jog. It was about as hard as I would have expected running around 6:20's. I went into the race at Malachi hoping not to die.

So onto Malachi. It was a chilly morning, but buzzing with energy, which I just LOVE! I registered and did a 2 mile warm up. I then proceeded to go to the Port-a-Poty which there was not a single soul. I got really worried thinking I somehow screwed up the start time. I went anyway, then realized everyone must have been running or watching the 2 mile race. Lucky me. That never happens....EVER.

Onto the start. I got over to a good spot at the start and ran into a couple running friends. It was so nice to converse with other running friends I haven't seen in a long while. It's really been a long winter for me! I was still groggy and stressed out from the previous week which carried into the start of the race...through about mile 2. The first mile started well, fast, and some icy spots. A tad under 6:10 was the reading at mile 1. I didn't think my legs could go that fast in a 5 miler at this time. I tried to get in a good groove for the 2nd mile. It was kind of odd, I felt very detached from the situation. It was like I was outside looking in. I wasn't really with it. I got to mile to in about 12:36 or so. At that point a light switch turned on and I got into my old running self. Mile 3 was hilly. I don't remember those hills. Got to mile 3 in about 19:XX (I'll have to look it up in my log). Mile 4 was a good one. Downhill and flat. Too bad for the pot holes and icy spots. I recovered from mile 3 nicely and cruised mile 4. I think I passed through 4 in about 25:50 or so. The last mile was quick. Perhaps it was the impending uphill at the end I was thinking about, but I wasn't letting it bother me. I was anxious and ready. I ran with a few guys and looked ahead and didn't see any women. The last hill came and I almost split an eyeball going all out to get to the finish line just for the shear bliss of being done. I crossed in 32:17. Not bad. The only disappointing thing I came to realize was the first 5 women (I was 6th I later found out) were about 20 or so second ahead all together. Darn. I wish I would have realized that so I could have competed better. Next time though.

So all in all, I was happy with the race. I felt decent the next day, but super sore the day after in odd places. Funny how that happens. It was a good time, and we skipped out on the awards at the Pub to hit up the West Side Market. We were suppose to have dinner guests coming that day. I love the West Side Market.....that is the best post race place. I would have liked to have made the awards at Malachi though.

The next week (last week) went well. A bit tired from the race, took Wednesday off due to exhaustion, and ran a workout at the Towpath (yippie!) on Friday. We are working Mon-Thurs at our shop so I decided to work from home on Friday which was nice...I guess. Anyway, the workout didn't go as well as I would have hoped for. I ran a 5 mile tempo and wanted to run around 6:50's with a faster last mile, but I was struggling to hold the 6:50's. I don't know if struggling is the right word, I guess it's just not as comfortable as I would have thought. That was a little disappointing, but I was happy with the effort. Maybe it was just an off day. It's not like I'm busting out a lot of workouts either. Sometimes I get a little ahead of myself.

Anyway, this week is off to a decent start. I'm getting more 5:30am runs in which is nice. I'm shooting for 1 tempo or hill workout this week and my long run. This weekend I'm babysitting for my best friend...yikes! She's got 2 twin girls that are 7 months old. I'm in for a treat huh? They are just precious though. I love them!

Hope everyone had a good week!!

Last week:

M- 6m (morning)
T- 7m (morning)
W- Off
Th- 7m (morning)
F- 9m (2m w/u & c/d 5m tempo (6:50, 6:50 6:50, 6:48, 6:58 34:19 total)
Sat- 7m (4 with Stewie!!)
Sun- 14m

Total: 50m

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Keeping is Consistent

Last week was another pretty good running week. I took Monday off just because I came home and really didn't feel like doing anything other then cooking dinner and getting some work done. I told myself I'd get my butt out of bed the next morning to run. The cold is what really did me in. I had no desire to fight it, or run on the treadmill.
I had 2 successful morning stints on the treadmill before I headed outside to some much warmer weather. I hit up some trails at Hudson Springs Park which were super muddy, but super great! It felt so good to slosh around on the trails. I can't wait to spend some good quality time on the trails when it gets nice.
The only "workout" I did this week was a medium run on Friday. I wish I would have had the Garmin on me to check the pace, but I was pretty tired after so the effort was definitely there.
Long run went smoothly.

I'm looking to run the St. Malachi 5 Miler this Saturday. No goals for the race other then not to completely die. I'm looking for a fun time and some motivation. I'm kind of in limbo right now. I ran some mile repeats for the heck of it, a couple days ago, at the track which went pretty well, but proved to me I'm not in great racing shape....or any sort of racing shape. Gotta start somewhere though! It's always interesting for me to race after a bit of a hiatus from the racing scene. Sometimes your body responds better then you anticipate. It's always good, for me, to step into a couple races with no real goal or time in mind. JUST RUN!!
After that I have shopping at the West Side Market to look forward to...whohoo!! I love that place!

In other news, the economy super sucks and it has definitely trickeled down to our Manufacturing Company. We are cutting hours and days, but still trying to hold onto everyone we have. We are doing what we can, and looking into future opportunities, especially in the Green Mfg. Sector, but none of this is a short term fix. We can only hope and pray things come around sooner then later. We are all aware things will turn around, and we will still be here...just not sure how battered and torn. In the mean time, just going day by day and hoping not to go too crazy! Just part of the ups and downs in life.

Weekly Rundown:

T- 8m (morning!)
W - 6m (morning!)
Th- 8m (afternoon trails...warm finally)
F - 7m (5m medium/hard pace...super warm)
S - 6m
Sun - 14m

Total: 49 Miles

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wretched Monday

I realized I saved my last blog as a draft all week instead of posting. I slept right through my alarm this morning. I forgot a CD that had my Quality Manual for work at home. I obviously didn't run this morning. I'm cold. Work is slow. I HATE daylight savings time....the beginning of it anyway. I burned bread pudding I made for a friend which I threw away (which I have made a million times and have NEVER had any problems with). Oh, and my husband spilled a large (Venti for all you purists) Starbucks coffee on my much loved, and relatively new, area rug....which I think is going to take a month of daily cleaning to get rid of...if I'm lucky.

OK...I got that out of my system. This week is going to be a good week even though this morning was a bit rough. I'm being optimistic. That is my mantra :) My dog is currently staring at me in an odd way. I think he's trying to figure out why we came to work an "hour early." I think it's funny that is his biggest concern in life. He's a very cool dog.

I'll write a blog a bit later that is a bit more detailed and running related. I need to get out of this Monday morning fog first. It may be a while though.

Anyone who is reading this....Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's March...and it's so cold. I don't have an ounce of fight in me when it comes to battling the cold. I did up until last Sunday. I'm done with it. Last week was a really good week of running. I ran everyday due to the fact it was so warm on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, my alarm went off at 5:30am and I heard the wind whipping and the rain falling. I curled up in my happy, warm bed and figured it would be cooler, but calmer later in the day. I was thinking I'd opt for the colder, but less windy run in the evening. It's so easy to convince yourself to run later at that time of the morning.

Fast forward to Friday evening. The temps went from 55 to 35...and the wind didn't stop. No Sir. I dreaded the run, as last Sunday's brutal long run was still with me. I ran through a neighborhood I very much enjoying running through. The homes are so beautiful and the run seems to go quickly. Saturday I took the day off to attend the MAC Indoor Track Championships at Kent. Sunday I woke up and I guess I didn't realize how cold it was outside. I dressed well, but it was BRUTALLY cold and windy. The wind always seemed to be in my face. I seriously almost stopped to cry...or scream...or something of the sorts to vent my frustration. wear 2 pairs of gloves which for the 3rd time in 1 week didn't hold up to the wind. My fingers just couldn't take it, but I didn't really have a choice. I'm sitting here after 3 days of swollen fingers, barely typing. My right hand fingers are so, so swollen. It's insane. That is my sign to dump the cold. I give in. Mother win.

I'm not really sure what to do about the swollen fingers. I have a couple doctors, that are friends, that have told me I may have Raynaud's. I have had a lot of trouble with the cold the past 3-4 years or so. It's not a big deal, but it's something I try and be careful about. I guess I'll just ride out the swollen fingers thing unless it get worse for some reason.

In other news, I had a GREAT weekend. One of the best in a long time. I met with a really good friend I haven't seen in ages and had lunch with her. We ran in college together. She was an awesome runner. I think her CC PR was under 16:20.....All-American. Pretty sweet. Anyway, we went to Kent for the MAC meet and had a blast. Nothing better then catching some good competition. Even better....Akron's Women won!! Go Zips! I was thrilled to see another good friend/ex teammate with her new baby. It was just an all around great day. Sunday, Jason and I met up with another one of my friends, whom I co-oped at Kimberly-Clark with and roomed with. He and his wife had a baby last year and we got to finally see her. It was a very nice Sunday morning late breakfast. Made up for the freezing long run. I thinks it's so crazy that they ended up loving so close to us. He went to Purdue, we met in Wisconsin, roomed in Seattle & Wisconsin...then I moved back home and he got married and got a job in Aurora. (Yes, I roomed with a boy....while I was dating Jason. This guy is a great friend and was probably one of the better roommates I have had. 2 people of the opposite sex CAN room together without drama in college!!)

Anyway, I'm keeping this week pretty uneventful. Last week I had a pretty good broken Tempo run and longer run. This week, probably looking at mileage in the mid 40's or maybe 50 again if it works out. My left foot have been bothering me in the beginning of my runs if I don't warm it up and stretch it out enough. It's like I have this tendon or something that slides around until it finds it's place to stay. The process of it finding its place it pretty painful. It doesn't stop me from running nor does it get's just annoying. I think my body is revolting against the weather at this point.

Weekly Rundown:

M - 7m
T - 2m w/u
4m Broken Tempo (6:35, 6:31 - 1 mile 7:52 - 6:35)
2 m c/d
W - 5m
Th - 8m
F - 8m
Sat - Off
Sun - 14m

Total: 50 (love round numbers!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Moving Along

I am entering Week #2 of being alone at work and trying to keep my sanity. Last week was not so great. I was just one grumpy witch half the time and I couldn't help it. Sometimes when you are surrounded by depressing news and other difficulties it tends to wear you a bit thin. I tried to stay quiet since I didn't want to be snappy or mean to anyone. I can't say the same for when I got home. This week will be better!!! I'm optimistic!

Wednesday was the day from the devil, I swear. The weather was the icing on the cake. I got in my car and made it 1 mile from my house in 30 minutes. I turned down a side street and went back home for a couple hours. The lake effect snow was just too much to handle that day. I went in a couple hours late...did my thing...then watched the weather and traffic report. They closed I-480 due to a 20 car accident or something. I took an alternate route, just to be welcomed by white out conditions and a 2.5 hour ride home. I am so over this freakin's not even funny.

On the upside, I made it through the week and got in all my runs and workouts...and then some. I've been a bit tired, but nothing too crazy. I did a long run on Sunday in what I think were the most brutal conditions I ventured out in in a while. The wind was so strong, the temp was below 20 without the windchill, and it was snowing and slippery. I just didn't want to run on the treadmill again for a long run. Yuck. My fingers almost froze off and my eyelashes were frozen, but I got it done. I ran up to the park at the end of my neighborhood and thought maybe I could get a loop in. No way....too much snow. I did stop for a minute and took in the view. The wind was whipping up the snow and it looked like a winter wonderland. Kind of pretty....if you weren't ready to freeze to death. Winter has it's own little joys if you know where to look for them, and take the time to appreciate them.

On a side note, the couple hour delay to work on Wednesday gave me a little time to watch some TV. I turned on a show and wondered what it was. Turns out it was the Baby Story. I have to stay, that show is the best birth control available to anyone out there. What the heck is that all about? Who wants to watch some poor woman, going through a difficult labor, just to get a C-Section and describe, painfully, each detail. No thanks. Do people really watch this show...and enjoy it? Maybe it's just me. Give me a show with little bouncy babies...or a family that is expecting. I don't need the gory details. I have friends I can call for that. My rationalization for why it is on during the day is that the women who are stay at home moms already gave birth, therefore, must find this show as a way to relate. Women, like myself, need to stay away. Wow.

Anywho, I'm thinking of perhaps running St. Malachi, which is sooner then I thought. I think it would be fun...though I can't imagine it would be pretty. I need to get a some more workouts so my legs and lungs don't freak the heck out.

Weekly Recap:

M- 7m
T- Medium Track Workout:
(2m w/u, 4x800 (3:09, 3:10, 3:06, 3:04), 2m c/d) 7m Total
W - 40 Min Bike & Lift
Th - 7m (treadmill....shoot me)
F - 6m (treadmill)
Sat - 5m
Sun - 13m (brutal winter weather)

Total: 45m

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fashionista...or not

As I was making my way out for a run yesterday, I looked in the mirror and laughed at myself. I am such a "typical" runner. The funniest part is, I totally, never, ever match. My husband makes fun of me for this on a regular basis...but yesterday I really noticed it. Then, I thought about what I wore running the past few days, and yes, total mismatch. Something draws me to the blue spandex and black top.....the red shorts and pink shirt.....apparently I am subconsciously drawn to completely opposite patterns in one running outfit. I guess I never really think about it...nor do I care, but I did have to laugh at myself. I wonder what people think when they drive by me. I do have to say though, the colors I generally wear are darker in the winter. I don't try to draw attention to myself. I like to be unseen and off the radar when I'm on my runs. I can't understand why anyone would ever want to be famous. Maybe it's just me.

So that got me thinking to my college days of running. I remember one of my teammates would always give me a hard time (in a best friend kind of way) about the colors I put together when running. Heh....I guess things never change. Thank goodness for the Vertical Runner race uniforms!! There were a few times my husband was like "you're not wearing THAT together...are you?" as I was on my way out the door for a race. At that point, I do try and match a bit for races if I'm not wearing my VR gear....but I just about always stick with that.
In my defense...and I have been arguing this for a opposite colors kind of go together. Right? Maybe not, but I'd like to think so. Good thing I don't dress like I run...I think. Heh.

So, last week was a good week in one way and terrible in another. I got in some good miles, but I felt like total crap on half the runs. Total poo. I'm guessing it was a hormonal thing. Dudes have no reason to complain. I'm feeling better this week thank goodness. There is nothing worse then walking out the door for a run, then realizing you feel like crap. Then you think it will pass, but it doesn't. It gets worse. Then you just want to crawl on the side of the road and plop over on someones lawn and call it a day. It was just one of those weeks I guess. On an up note, I did get a morning run in on Friday which was wonderful. That evening we had a lady come to our house for a massage. Jason and I each received one. It was a Christmas gift...and it was great. Massages make me feel sick though. Weird.

Yesterday I did my first little workout in a looooong while. I went up to the track and did 4x800 with a 400 jog. I didn't run then fast at all. Just cruised to get my legs moving. The first one was so weird. I felt like I was in slow in those dreams where you are trying to run and just can't. Really weird. The track seemed super small on the first lap. I'm not big on track I like to ease into my workouts with some fartleks and tempos...but the clear track on a warmer February day just called my name. I'm glad I did it. I just have to remind myself to do a better job of throwing in a good workout from time to time on my off racing time so my body doesn't go into total shock when I try and get it going again.

In other news, the beginning of a stressful time has begun. Whohoo! My parents are in Florida for 2.5 weeks which leaves me in charge at work. I have to manage every last thing. I'm not complaining...I'm really not, but it causes much stress by the end of the day. What I am complaining about is that everything is so slow right now. We were slammed with work, then the new year came along...and's like everyone died or something. I hope things get better soon. I just keep working away and hope for the best. Thank goodness for running. I'd probably would have imploded by now.

Last week:

M- 7 (sucky, sucky, sucky run)
T- 7.5 (@ park!)
W - Off (walk in a rain storm)
Th - 7
F - 7 (massage in the evening)
Sat - 5
Sun - 12.5

Total: 46 Miles

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warmer Days

Last week was a pretty good week running wise. It was a quick glimpse that spring may be around the corner? Yeah, it's Cleveland, not quite yet.
I had a very good run on Monday, and a decent on on Tuesday & Thursday. Friday was a crappy run which I contemplated cutting short, but I ran past a couple running in the opposite direction from me. I have noticed this particular girl over the past year. I was pretty positive it was an old teammate from high school. I kept telling myself I would try and talk to her if I ever happened to catch her going the same way, but it hasn't happened yet.

During the end of this run, I happened to catch up to them on a side road. Yes, it was an old Cross-Country teammate from high school! It was her and her husband running. How awesome. We ran together for about a 1/2 mile or so before I had to get home. I just was thinking about how crazy it was that she lives less then 1 mile from my house. We were pretty good friends on the team back in the day. It's so interesting to catch up with old friends that way. It's even better when you hear how well they are doing.

Needless to say, a run that started out a bit on the down side, ended up very well.
Sunday's longer run wasn't too hot while Monday's run was one of the worst ever! Going through a bit of a rough patch I guess. It happens. What is the saying...and bad run is better then no run right? (Most of the time at least!)

On a personal front, Jason is doing well at his new job. This company is very big into Green Energy. He's doing pretty well at waking up in the morning. He is so NOT a morning person. It's not even funny. I could post a whole blog about it. Everyone has their thing. If that's the worst thing I have to deal's not so bad....I guess.

Another item I was pretty excited about was the advancement opportunity the US has to participate in Stem Cell Research.....FINALLY! I normally, wouldn't mention things like this, but my father in law has Parkensons Disease and this seems like such a hopeful thing for the family. It's one thing to voice opinions on's another when you have a dire situation staring you in the face. Anyway, I'm so happy about it and wanted to mention it. I guess it's the scientist in me that gets excited!

Last week:

M- 8m
T- 7m
W- 30min Bike & Lift
Th- 7m (Treadmill)
F- 8.5m
S- Off
Sun- 12.5m

Total: 43 Miles

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow Snow Snow

Yes, we live in a snow globe. It's crazy actually. This winter seems far worse the the past few. Perhaps it's that they aren't salting the roads as well, or just that it snows at the worst time of day (overnight and before rush hour). I've about had it, especially with the driving. On a normal day, my commute takes about 50 can only imagine what it takes on snow covered, accident filled roads. Joy.

As far as running, my treadmill and I have had to make peace. I've been meaning to buy a nice, shiny new treadmill with more power, belt space, and a screen that actually works, but I kind of have gotten used to this little guy. I don't know how much longer it will hold out though.

The roads have been clear enough last week that I was able to get out on what I like to call my snowbird route. It a route through my neighborhood that keeps me in my neighborhood running up and down the streets, sometimes twice. It actually keep the run moving along and isn't too bad. It's less cars, and give me a couple streets with street lights. I ran that Monday and Tuesday....then Wednesday came. So much snow, I didn't even bother to go to work. We got over a foot of snow. Yuck! The rest of the week was on the treadmill with a nice longer 12 miler on Sunday.

Been thinking of starting up some workouts, but I guess I'm just waiting for the weather to break a bit. There are a couple races this weekend I'm thinking about even though I'm in no sort of racing shape. We'll see.

In other news, Jason started his new job Monday. It seems like a great environment with good people. I think he likes it so far. It's a very innovative business. I'm so proud of him!
Another note, which I think it pretty cool, one of his older sisters got remarried last weekend to the man she divorced a couple years ago. They were going through some pretty rough times. They have 2 great kids. It was pretty awesome to have seen everything work out, and see the whole family together again. Everyone did their part and it worked out. It's even better because he is now a runner....yeah!!! Welcome to the "other" side my friend! It was a bit heart warming. I'm so happy for them.

Weekly Run Down:

M- 7m
T- 7m
W- 30 Minute Bike/Lift
Th- 8m
F- 7m
Sat- Off
Sun- 12m

Total: 41 Miles

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back from Paradise

Jason and I went on a quick, little trip from Florida. It was a nice break. We went down to Naples and soaked in some sun and relaxation. I really love spending quality time with my husband. I guess I'm one of the few who is actually happy to be whom I'm married to.

I was more thrilled to be able to run outside then anything else. When we arrived, they were in the midst of a cold spell....which was quite warm for us. It dipped to 32 degrees the first couple nights, but once the sun came out it warmed up nicely. I thoroughly enjoyed every step of my runs....even though I felt like crud on a couple of them. It just felt so nice to have sun beating on my shorts and a T-shirt. Once funny site...I was running through a ritzy, ditsy area of new homes, and I see this lady pull up in a fancy car and get out to check the status of her new home being built. She comes out wearing super fuzzy boots and a zebra print fur coat....and a handbag as big as my checked luggage. It was really funny watching her walk around the construction site. It was around 65 degrees that day. Wish I had a camera. Ahhh....back to reality.

So I figured out that my sore lower back and glutes had to have been from the treadmill running. Once I got outside, everything loosened up and I feel much better. I have a massage coming up on Friday which I received as a Christmas gift. The lady actually comes out to your house. Jason and I both are actually getting a massage. I'm excited about this new idea of a traveling masseuse.

Oh...I finally opened a Facebook account. I spent a while making fun of my hubby about it...until I got sucked in. I can't believe how many people you can hook up with that you forgot existed. It's so much easier to keep in touch. Great concept.

On this weeks running front, just planning on cruising along. I'm hoping to start up with a few more structured get me going a bit. I'm kind of lost without some real concrete running goals. We'll see how it all goes.

M-7 miles (Treadmill)
T- 30 Minute Bike/Lift
W-8 Mile Run (7:43 pace w/ Garmin....Naples)
Th- 8 .5 Mile Run (7:41 pace w/ Garmin....Naples)
F- 8 Mile Run....Naples
Sat- 12 Mile Run....Naples
Sun - 5.5 Mile Run (Treadmill....back home)

Total Miles: 49 Miles

Monday, January 19, 2009


I have been on the treadmill for 2 weeks! I think that is some kind of record for me. I thought last Monday I would have a chance to get out, but I got home too late. I have a rule, if I can't jump onto the curb or lawns to avoid cars in the dark, I won't run outside. I just won't risk it. The temps have just been down right obscene cold. Which make me ever so excited that I'm going to Florida tomorrow!!! I'm more excited to get out and run in my shorts then anything else. I'm going to run everyday I'm much as I can. I'm so pumped about it.
We almost went to Florida this past week which would have put me into the Naples Half (which would have been more of a fun run per lack of training)....but we decided on this week due to it being much cheaper airfare. Nonetheless, I'm excited to get a little break from the cold weather.

As far as my running, I'm kind of getting used to my treadmill. I'll have to shoot a picture of it. It's kind of pathetic and funny, but it works. I can't believe this thing hasn't broken down yet. Last week I logged 41 miles. Most of them I felt pretty darn good. I start out a bit slower and take it down. I've gotten in the habit of speeding up during commercial breaks which makes for a little fartlek type run. Good times.

Everything is going fairly well. I have had major issues with doing morning runs and workouts. The last 2 weeks have been evening runs which fit into my schedule so it works. I really am more of a morning person, but something happened. Not sure if I'm just not sleeping as well, or if I just got used to sleeping an hour later. Whatever it is, I have to get out of this funk and wake my butt up. Just glad to be logging miles though.

In other news, I finally opened a Facebook account.....after much persuasion. It's actually pretty neat. It's like a whole new little world of networking. I just can't get too sucked in.

Weekly rundown (I'm going to try and post a quick weekly rundown from now on....hope it makes me a better blogger):

M-7 m
T-7.5 m
W-30 minute bike, lift
Th- 8 m
F- 7 m
S - Off
Sun - 11.5 m

All treadmill....blah. Off to Florida though!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year....Merry Christmas...Happy Thanksgiving....etc...etc...etc.
I have some catching up to do. I need to be much better about posting.

To sum it all up....everything is just great. The holidays were hectic as usual, but really nice.
Many of our family and friends had babies, birthdays, and other special events. My birthday came and passed....which means I'm another year older. Haven't moved up to the next age group just yet. Next year. Heh.

The running is going well. No big plans as of now for this year. Seems like I'm on the treadmill more this winter then last. It's not so bad. I'm just glad to be running. I'm averaging about 40 miles per week. Nothing special, just enjoying my time while keeping in shape. I only missed a couple days just after Christmas because I caught a little cold from Jason. I wish I would have signed up for the Buckeye 50 though before it sold out. It would have been really fun I think. At least it would have gave me something to do in terms of getting out with running friends. I really wish this icing over would stop though. I'm not sure if it's the weather, or the fact the cities aren't cleaning the roads as well this year. Who knows.

In other news, Jason accepted a research position at a small company in Akron which means WE ARE STAYING!!! I think it all worked out for the best. He's got a job in an environment that I think suites him, and it gives him the chance to teach if the opportunity pops up. It all worked out and I'm so happy! Funny thing, NASA decided to contact him after he decided on this job. Go figure. We think this was the best for him anyway. I'm just happy, happy happy :)

So, it looks like I'll still be hitting the streets and the starting lines in Northeast Ohio...for a while at least.