Monday, November 3, 2008


It was Jason and my 5th Wedding Anniversary (October 25th)!!! Whohoo!! Can't believe it's been 5 years already. These are the beautiful flowers they delivered to our house. They were from a flower shop in downtown Hudson called Stems. I was really impressed with these.
We had a lovely dinner at Ken Stewart's. Calamari, Ahi Tuna, & Port. Great way to celebrate. My husband rocks!

Speaking of the Port. I'm such a lightweight, that the TINY glass of Port after dinner caused a massive headache for the run the following morning. What is wrong with me? This thing was like 5 ounces or something. I have to say though, it ended up being a very nice run. Heh!

So in the running life.....well, it's pretty low key. I'm loving it though. I already am getting excited about training and racing in the spring. That is a very good sign. I noticed that there are so many BEAUTIFUL things I see when I run that I wish I could capture on camera. That got me thinking....perhaps I could find a mini camera to take with me on my runs and take some pics. That would give me lots to talk about. I think it would be kind of cool. Just a thought.

I also decided I'm going to start posting a few more pictures. Pictures are fun....yeah? Let's start off our lovely pets (our kids for the moment)....Stewie (dog) and Einstein (cat). They got a little bored during the New York Marathon and took a snooze.
I thought it was exciting anyway. What a motivation. It made me want to lace up and go run.....


ramblings of a runnner said...

wow! can't believe you guys have been married for 5 years! congratulations! It looks like maybe your pets are light weights too.. you sure they didn't get into the port?

The Salty One said...

Aww! Way to go Jason!! It's cool your anniversary is on Mike's b-day :) Hope you're enjoying your downtime!!