Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekly Recap

The Columbus Half is on Sunday. It seemed to come rather quickly from the time I decided to do it. Time just flies!

So the question is, am I ready? I guess so. I feel like this year has been a bit off overall, but I feel like I can go out there and do something decent. It would be nice to PR. My PR is 1:25:07...but I'd be happy with a good, strong race. I haven't raced in a while, so we'll see.
I'm kind of stressed out about what to do with my dog since everyone is going to be out of town this weekend. It's always something...isn't it?

This past week has been decent. I can't say wonderful or great, but decent. Ran a mile repeat workout on Friday at the Towpath.
2m w/u
6:22, 6:19, 6:18, 6:19, 6:17, 6:07 (I might be a second off or so from what I put in my log...can't remember exactly)
2m c/d
I ran to each mile marker and jogged around for what I called 400m. I adjusted the longer and shorter mile times. The times were a bit faster then I planned on, but it was a good workout. My legs want to run has it in them...but I have to watch my HR . It's not like I'm running a mile race or something. I really am curious at what I can run in a longer distance.

Anyway, Saturday was an early slog run. I was tired, but had to get it in early. Sunday was a crappy long run of 16 miles. I felt like I wanted to shoot myself in the foot the entire time so I had a reason to stop. Ha ha. I was just tired and crappy feeling, but I pushed through.
Monday was an easy run...still felt tired and heavy.
Tuesday (yesterday) workout was:
2m w/u
4x1600 (1600 easy)......6:24, 6:25, 6:26, 6:33
1m c/d
I ran on the Pen Glen trails with the 400 meter hill at the end. I intended to run this workout to get me going, without running me into the ground. This is what I came up with. Last mile was a slightly different route...and I got held up for a tiny bit by some people. Felt really good and smooth until the last 400 meters which was to be expected. I felt better then I have, but, I could still feel a little heaviness in the legs going up the hill.
This is a good endurance, strength workout. When I run this particular workout on this course, I can really run it well if I'm fresh. I tend to compare myself to that...but I'm not so chipper right now. I've been eaten up and thrown out on this workout when I've been tired. I was happy with the overall result.
Oh...and a little tidbit on annoying people. I ran past this guy, who I passed like 4 times (since I was running the same loop over and over), insisted on saying something "funny" every time I ran by. "Smile", "You should be more happy", "You'd live longer if you smiled."
I was getting really annoyed. REALLY annoyed. What wrong with "Hello" or"Nice Job?"

So, that was the week. I ran 2 straight weeks of 66 miles. Not bad. The workouts are getting a bit mundane. I'm getting a strong urge to go trail exploring around town. Nice long runs to get lost in. It's that time of the year. I was looking back and realized I have been running since April...workouts and racing...without any real downtime. I need some of that now. I probably won't jump into a marathon this fall. I just want to chill and not worry about splits and mileage. I just love to put on my fall running clothes and get lost int he fall foliage. The smells and chill in the air.....oh I just LOVE it.

I'll have to do my yearly analysis and plan for this winter and next racing year. I do that every year so I can carry it over and keep on learning from myself.

So, in other news, Jason really moving on with his Ph.D. On Monday (the day after the half) he is giving his big presentation to his committee. They will give him some critiques and allow him to keep working on this Thesis...which is coming along nicely. I'm a proud wife :) There are a few good job leads, so we'll see what end up workout out. I don't want to jinx anything.

Until next time....everyone enjoy their fall matter what comes your way!

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