Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Falltime

This is my FAVORITE time of year!!! I don't know any runners who don't just love fall. Too bad it doesn't last long. Take what you can get.

This past week started out good, but got a little hairy. I was feeling good Monday, then Tuesday I just felt okay, then Wednesday, I proceeded to try and do my normal 8 mile tempo run at the park. I told myself if I didn't feel okay, then I'd cut it short at 6 or something. Well, the warm up went really good...I kind of wanted to keep on running on the trails and explore. I should have went on my instinct.

I started my tempo pace and ran a 6:47 feeling pretty decent considering everything the past week. The 2nd mile was a 6:44 and was okay too. I noticed the 3rd mile my legs were starting to feel heavy and my HR was starting to shoot up pretty good. I told myself I would run 4 miles at this pace then do an easy 1 mile, then run the other 3 at tempo pace. 3rd mile was 6:44 which surprised me a bit. The 4th mile is when it all came apart. I felt like death, my ears were getting clogged, my head hurt, & I got dizzy. I can get past a lot of things, but getting dizzy always freaks me out. That is not a good thing. I decided to finished that mile and call it a day. By the way, that mile was 6:49. When I finished, I was going to run my cool down right away, but I felt like I was going to pass out. Seriously. I got scared and sat down on the side of the trail. Maybe I was stupid for trying to do this workout. I figured I'd be okay. It's always easier to see how things should be in hind site. I've been sick before, but this thing I have just doesn't seem to want to leave my system.

Anyway, I got my act together and ran 2 easy miles and plopped down on a bench and watch and whole slew of deer eating from a large field. It was rather nice. They looked at me and didn't seem to mind. It was kind of a neat moment.

So Thursday I felt just awful. I was worried I did something to myself from the run the day before. My cough started up again and I felt pukey all day. I was starving too. After lunch, I just kept on eating throughout the afternoon...and I felt much better. I made my way home and on the way stopped at Vertical Runner and picked up my running shoes that were on order....along with a b-day gift for mom. I love that store.
I got home and decided to take the day off and go for my scheduled massage...which was wonderful. I felt much better.

This morning I went for a 6 mile run in the dark & rain and enjoyed every bit of it even though I was still a little tired. My cough just refuses to completely leave.

I feel like I'm seriously falling apart. I'm keeping everything in context and know that thing like this happen, but it's a bit annoying. Oh...and I was thinking about all those people that run through being sick. Seriously? How do you all do that? I don't consider myself overly weak when it comes to things like that, but I can't function much as a runner when I'm sick. The few times I tried to run when sick or injured just never, EVER, worked out. I guess we are all programmed different. Maybe my immune system sucks too. Who knows. I'm not trying to fight it though. I'm trying to work with it.

Anyway, yes, it is fall....and I am intending to enjoy every bit of it. I'm running the Columbus Half...but I'm not as worried about my mileage and paces and workouts as obsessively as I did....thought I am still working hard and what a really good race! I really need to not getting so worked up about everything and just enjoy my running. I was starting to cross that line of not enjoying it as much as I should lately...which happened once in College for a while which threw me into a 2 year hiatus. I never intend to allow that to happen to me again, no matter what the circumstances. I could start to feel that coming on all year and had a feeling that would happen if I tried to push another competitive marathon out of me this year. Call it instinct. I think I run better when I'm chilled out anyway. My PR's in the longer distances always came off a long winter of "fun" running and mileage of between 40-50 miles. Funny huh? I'm trying to listen to my need a little better then what my brain tells me to do. Like I always say though, we'll see what happens.

About 1 month until the Presidential Election. That God all this stuff will be over. We need to move on and fix this darn country so we and our kids aren't paying for it in every which way.
Go Obama!!!

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