Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bottomless Pit

There is a very interesting phenomena going on with me these days. I get so hungry on my runs. This has happened to me every once in a while during my hormonal time of the month, but for the past week, I've been starving on my runs. I happens about half way through. It doesn't help that I run past a Your's Truly, Perkins, McDonald's, & Italian Restaurant. I could just feel all the energy drain. I could seriously sit on the side of the road and chow down with a box of cereal, throw in some raisins, and cold soymilk. These thoughts to me are odd as I'm used to never even thinking about food until an hour after my runs. Who knows what's going on. I'm just trying to shovel in the food so I keep on truckin along. Maybe I have a hole in my stomach.

In my weekly update....I had a great long run this weekend. I ran 18 miles. At mile 9 I busted out a 6:21, then I stopped at home for a half a banana and Gatorade. I then ran another 9 with mile 18 at 6:22. Everything felt really nice and smooth. The faster miles felt really good too.

Yesterday planned on a Tempo workout, but decided to perhaps do some faster miles. The plan was to run:
2m w/u
8m run (7,7,6:35, 6:30, 6:30, sub 6:30, 7,7)
2m c/d

What actually happened was:
6:54, 6:47. 6:21, 6:22, 6:40, 6:42, 6:46

The first 2 miles were pretty good, but the 2nd was a little too fast. I felt good so it was fine. Then I went into mile 3 where was waaaayyyy too fast. Thought I slowed down mile 4 but it was still too fast. I was going through 800m in 3:07. I stopped after 4 to drop the HR and catch my breath, for about a minute or so, then I thought I would run the 7:00 miles. Those ended up being too fast as well. Stopped after 6 for a minute then ran one more mile at long tempo pace. I don't know what the hell my body was doing. I was so off pace and I tried so hard to keep it right. I guess the good thing was I was running faster then I thought, but I was running too fast to do this workout correctly. I hate when that happens. My body is whacked out with pacing I guess. It's kind of funny to be to be complaining about running too fast, but that is the death of a lot of runners in training and racing. O well, I was pleased overall with the effort. I tried to make up for the fast paces but taking the couple breathers and cutting off the last mile. I just added a mile onto my cooldown.

Hope the Half Marathon pacing goes better. I'm anxious to see how that race pans out. It's been a long while since I've raced. I haven't raced a half in over a year, so I'm exited about it.

The rest of the week I'm planning on some easy runs, a long run with a few harder miles thrown in, and another workout type run.

As far as how I'm feeling these days. Better, but not perfect. I have a very lingering light cough that seems rather random and fake sounding, but it's there. Like a tickle in the back of my throat. My ears have unclogged, my nose has opened up, and my equilibrium is better in tune. I get tired very easily, but that is something I can control with resting well. The only odd thing I still have is if I get really tired, I get nauseous as well. That's getting better to each day. Maybe I should have went to the doctor last week, but since I'm stubborn and a doctor hater, I figured since I'm getting much better, I'm okay. This was a nasty, stubborn bug. That, or my immune system sucks to no end. I know tons of people who are pretty sick, so something is going around. Rest, rest, rest.

Last week, after my death of a Tempo run, I got a massage the next day which was glorious, but I had to skip my run as I thought I was getting sick again....and had a terrible cough. The next day I had a vitamin enriched, immune system boosting smoothie which made me feel much better. I think having some extra calories in my system, with the vitamins, along with the 10 hours of sleep I got Friday night, helped a lot. So anyway, I think I kicked this thing for the most part.

Speaking of vitamins, I used to take them religiously. Regular vitamins made me REALLY sick, so I had to take the old people vitamins. I know it sound odd, but my mom has the same problem. Last year, I took some Woman's One a Day, thinking maybe I was over the whole getting sick from vitamin thing. That proved to be a bad idea. I almost passed out and was sick for 2 days after 2 weeks of taking that stuff. From then on, I haven't taken anything. It's been a whole year. I wonder if I should be taking something. I try and eat well, and eat lots of fortified foods, fruits, veggies, & enhanced drinks, but I'm not sure if I'm getting everything that I need. I just wonder what other long distance runners do. I've been sick 4 times in the past year, and go through periods of getting really exhausted, but I attribute that to having much more going on and not enough sleep. So, I don't know. Just a thought I have from time to time.

Anyway, anyone running the Towpath Marathon Chicago Marathon, or any other race, good luck, have fun, & stay healthy!!!


Quinto Sol said...

Hi Evie - on the vitamins... I was actually allergic to a multi-vitamin from a particular manufacturer (hives)... you may be allergic to one or more of the vitamins you have tried???

Good luck, and awesome on the terrific tempo run.

E-Speed said...

Girl you are just a speed machine! No wonder your body wants more food :) If I ran my tempos that fast my body would be calling out for more food too I think :)

Hope you figure out a safe way to get in all your nutrients!