Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Grim Crim

In a nutshell my race at the Crim 10 miler in Flint, MI sucked. It was one of the worst races I've run in my life. The only other one that can compare is 2004 Boston Marathon where it was 87 degrees and I walked a lot of it.

So Jason and I drove up Friday afternoon. I took the day off work....whoopie!! We got on the Turnpike and a semi decided to come into our lane and knock us into the shoulder. I almost had a heart attack. I guess another semi came up on a slow car and bolted into the left lane which caused the semi that almost hit us to come into our lane. I mean, we were doing 80+ and the thought of getting in a wreck that fast......arhhh. I guess it wasn't our time :)

So anyway, we got to La Blanc and headed to Flint to get my race packet. On the way back we found a little Mom and Pop Pizzeria and ate there. It was us and a 50th High School Reunion. It was a good time. The whole time I was thinking about how darn humid it was outside. I knew it would be a humid and hot race so I just braced myself.

So race morning, I woke up and got hubby out of bed. I don't usually sleep well at hotels and this was no exception. I put on my racing clothes, grabbed some nasty (like favored water) coffee and headed downstairs. Jason followed his nose to the breakfast bar and was in bliss. It was like the light shone down for him. Scrabbled eggs, sausage....waffles. O...we HAD to stop and eat. We were already running late....but I told him he had 5 minutes. That man scarfed down 2 waffles and a big meaty sausage muffin thing in like 3 seconds. I wanted to barf watching him. As long as he was happy.

So...fast forward to the start. Since we were running late, I only did 1.5 mile warm up instead of 2. I remember the weather guy saying it was between 75-80 with 90% humidity. When we walked to the start I was like "It's not so bad out here....what's all the fuss about?" As soon as I did the warm up I realized it was going to be a VERY long race. I was drenched from head to toe already. Plus I wasn't feeling as chipper as I had hoped anyway.

So, I just nearly get to the start position and the gun goes off. 15,000 or so people are off! My first mile was 6:34 which was okay. I was hoping to be running around 6:20-25 pace. That 6:34 felt like a 6:14. I missed the second mile. I was thinking I missed the 3rd and maybe even the 4th mile. Nope....mile 3 came up. O MY GOSH! I couldn't believe I was only at mile 3. I was laboring in my breathing....I wanted to die already. Are you kidding?

Honestly, the rest of the race was a total blur. I was struggling to finish. I made a conscious decision to slow down to the point that I could just try and hold on. I remember a few things though:
1) The frat boys who were offering Pizza, Donuts, and Beer (I remember thinking I wanted to barf all over them around mile 6 or 7)
2) The church choir singing some soprano song softly (I was not thinking nice thoughts....even though it was such a nice gesture on their behalf)
3) The never ending rolling hills which never quite made it on the second half of the elevation map which showed a substantial downhill from mile 6-10
4) The guy who passed out in someones front yard on top of their sprinkler at mile 7 or 8
5) The wheezing guy I ran with the WHOLE way
6) The lake I saw and seriously thought about jumping in
7) A pretty house with big round pillars (I love big homes with white pillars)]
8) The girl who pooped her pants....poor girl.....she kept on truckin along though
9) All the nice people with hoses
10) The blasted finish line

You could have rolled me down the hill to the finish for all I cared at that point. My calves were cramping like it was the end of a marathon. I came through my chip time in 1:09:48. I've ran tempo runs faster then that. Argh!
A nice man at the finish area was handing out Popsicles. I wanted to kiss him. I grabbed my metal, an ice cloth, & water. I waited in the finish area for Jason. I waited, and waited, and waited. It was 20 minutes of waiting. I figured he didn't see me, so I didn't want to leave. I finally saw him. He missed me finishing and was worried something happened. Heh....something happened all right.
I tried to be nice....but apparently I still came off kind of grumpy according to him. Um...SORRY. At least I TRIED to not be snippy. I decided to run a 2.5 mile cooldown. I did it....but it was awful. Totally pointless.

So we left to get back to the hotel....since they charge us a half a day if you leave 1 minute after 12. I was so pathetic I needed to sit down for a minute going back to the car. I felt so helpless with the feeling of nausea. Good times.

So, looking back.....I laugh. It was so horrid, it's funny. It's kind of a mental blow though. I'm worried about the Akron half. I don't want to blow up again. It's just such a horrible thing...and kind of embarrassing when people come out the watch you run.

On the plus side...Jason and I had fun. We got away for a little while...even if it was just Flint. Oh...and we got a great tour of 8 Mile. There was a detour which lead us through there. Once we got off on 8 Mile...there were no detour signs. We got lost, and had to stop and ask for directions. It was creepy.

If anything, it had to help my fitness in some way. It also made me tougher in some way I'm sure. Even bad races are fun in some way.

Once we got home....I was ready to chill out....and viola.....bees decided to hatch a nest in our attic and eat a small hole in our bedroom ceiling and die all over the floor. Good thing hubby shut the bedroom door before we left. More good times....that is for another blog entry.

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