Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Easy Come Easy Go

So, the Texas decision has been made for us. It's a no go! I'm kind of happy, kind of disappointed for many reasons. Jason went to visit Texas, and came back to an email that the funding was cut about 1 week later. I really felt bad about the whole thing as we were preparing for him to leave for 1 year. The professor told him the funding was gone...which still makes him wonder if he did something wrong on his visit. I don't think that was the case, because in the adult world, I would think he would have just told him flat out. It just kind of stinks that we went through all this stress for nothing. So the journey continues for a good Post Doc or Research position. He decided if it's a temporary position, he wants it to be within 5 hours so he can come home on the weekends. Awwww. Life happens for a reason I think....I really do. We'll see what comes our way.

On to running news, last week was a really solid week. Easy runs of 7-9 miles, a couple 2 a days, tempo run, workout, & long run. Tuesdays Tempo was awesome for me. 8 miles all ranging from 6:32-6:50. Most miles were 6:44. Last mile was 6:32. I felt almost too good and pushed it a bit the last mile. That doesn't happen too often. That was a good confidence booster.
I took Wednesday off which was nice and much needed.
Friday's workout:
2m w/u
1x1600 (400 rec) (6:17)
5x1000 (200 rec) (3:49, 3:53, 3:51, 3:52, 3:51)
1x1600 (400 rec) (6:14)
2m c/d
This was harder then expected workout for me. The times I think should have felt a bit smoother then they did. I'm in more of a marathon mode training so nothing should feel too fast...but I have my days. I still finished the workout as planned. The last 6:14 mile actually felt better then anything else which I'm guessing is from the 600m recovery.

Ran a long run Sun of 18 miles with a few cut down miles in the middle. The faster mile was 6:49. I have this crazy sweet tooth which is a hormonal thing, so I was thinking of chocolate cake at various points of the run. Mmmmm. I did have a fantastic breakfast with Salty to look forward to after the run. It was such a good time. I don't do things like that enough.
So the total miles for the week was 70.
On top of that I had 2 cakes I was working on Wed-Fri with a baby shower to attend Sat morning. I think all that put me over the top of workload. These cakes are a lot of hard work, especially when you are doing them in your "spare" time. We had a fish fry at our house Sunday evening too. By the time Sunday night rolled around....I was EXHAUSTED. I know I was crossing the line with how tired I was.

So....I wake up Monday morning with a sore throat. I felt it late Sunday night. Go figure. I try and rest up and eat well, but I apparently don't do that well of a job. This was to be a down week for me anyway, so I took yesterday off and napped, baked banana bread, and went to bed early. I still feel like poo. I can't blame anyone else for this but me. Argh. I think I have some crazy hormones floating around too as I think I can cry at the drop of a hat right now. (I'm not a cryer either) It just a crappy start to the week...which happens to be the week of the Akron Half Marathon. Well, I have a few days to get my crap together. I still need to register....heh. I'm going through a slight mental phase too I think. Hopefully, it will all work out.

See you all at the races!!!