Friday, September 5, 2008

Building it up

I'm training for a marathon, I think. It's kind of funny, I haven't registered for one...yet....and don't really have a set training plan. In my mind, I think I'm running Philly Nov. 23rd. I want to see how the training goes through before I commit. If for some reason, things go sour, I'm not above pushing a marathon back to the spring. I just like having the few crappy winter months to chill out.

After the Crim, I switched to "Marathon Mode" training. This means, more (& longer) Tempo runs, increased mileage, & longer intervals on the track. Everything more so at marathon or half marathon pace. It seemed to work well last year when I PR'd at Akron. I'm hoping to be consistent as I think that it the key for me.

So....last week I ran 65 miles. Easy runs between 6-9 miles with a Tuesday 10 mile progression run (last mile was clocked at 6:23) and a Sat 6 Mile Tempo Run. (Avg 6:45 or so). This week I should be between 65-70 miles and I ran a good workout on Tuesday. 2x3200 w/ 400 rec. (6:31, 6:30 Total: 13:01) (6:21, 6:21 Total: 12:42)...then 1 Mile (6:01). Got it done early in the AM since I was having nightmares all night for some reason. I just couldn't sleep so I got up and decided to get the workout over with. I plan on doing a Tempo today or tomorrow of 6 miles again.

Hopefully, next week I can get the mileage around 75 and the Tempo to 7-8 miles. I'd like to build up to 10 or so eventually. Long runs I'd like to build to 22 with some marathon pace miles thrown in. The track workouts I'd like to get to something around 10x1000 (or something equivalent) with longer warm up and cooldowns. The point is the get in the mileage, get in a good workout...but not completely fry myself. I have started throwing in a couple second runs to loosen up and work on endurance as well. That is the plan....we shall see how it goes.

So far so good I guess. No major problems. Just a little tired here and there after workouts and a little stiffness. I'm hoping to build up and take a little breather around the Akron Half and see how it goes. I'd love to be running 100 mile weeks....but I don't think that is going to happen without me dying out.....darn Job & House & Hubby (just kidding!). I feel so lucky to be able to do what I'm doing. So until next time....I'm going with the flow :)

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