Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just moving along

This post find me in much better spirits then the last post.
First off, we passed out ISO audit last Thursday which is a HUGE relief! As I said before, we were getting a new auditor as our scheduled auditor was sick. This ended up being a very, very good thing. This guys was local, which means less $ for us....and he was MUCH more laid back and practical about the whole thing then our previous auditor. Plus, he didn't make me sit with him all day long answering goofy questions.....nor did he write me up on anything. In a nutshell, it was a very good day that I'm glad is over.
The next good thing is I'm feeling much better. Man o man I felt like poo last week. It wasn't like a "lazy I don't feel like running" thing. It was like I feel like there is something seriously wrong with me, I'm not myself, my husband is getting worried sort of thing. I started the whole online doctor thing with Google...which is never a good thing. Ha ha. My husband cornered me at the end of the week and told me I have never seemed so out of it for so long and I really should just chill out or I'm going to die. Thanks. No seriously, I told him I was working on the chilling out thing. I do tend to listen to my body. Thus, I took a down week (sort of) and didn't do my planned workouts. I took naps after work....and went to bed earlier. I knew it was just stress and lots of running, working and minimal (as in 4-5 hours a night) or sleep. I was pretty certain there was nothing medically wrong. Well, as it turn out.....I'm feeling much better this week.
I did a nice long run this weekend (16 miles), easy run Monday, and a track workout yesterday. Track workout was 3 x (800, 400, 200) with 400, 200 400 rec. Times were all around 2:52-2:54, 80-81, 37-38. It was a hard workout because as you run faster with the shorter intervals, the lactic acid builds up in the legs....then you have to turn around and do the longer intervals again Arghhh. It went pretty well though. I was pleased. I wasn't pleased about the people who just don't really understand, or don't WANT to understand the rule about staying out of the first couple lanes if you're not running. Seriously, I squeeze by them in the inner lane, almost brushing their shoulders, breathing really loud so they get the point. It's a nice way of saying "MOVE OVER!!!!!" I don't even really mind the slower runners as much...but it's the people walking...letting their kids trail out into lanes 1-3. It never helps when they REEK of perfume either. Jeeze. I caught up with another running on my cooldown and we were having this discussion. Grrrr....people.
So, the plan for the rest of the week is getting some easy & steady miles in. I think I may run a race Sat. morning about an hour from my house (5K) which I hear is a very fast course. I'd like to get a fast 5K in....hopefully. I'd at least like to TRY and get a fast 5K in. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure I'll be at this race. Wish it was closer....but o well.
I'm thinking next weekend I want to run the Crim 10 miler in Flint, MI. I planned on running it last year but it didn't' workout. I'd like to run a big I haven't don't a longer race in a really long time. I think it would be fun. It's about a 3.5 hour drove. Jason's not so thrilled it's in Flint, but I keep telling him they are going to let us loose in some shady area to get mugged or something. I'm on the fence on this one, but I'm kind of in the mind set I'm running it. So we'll see.
Lastly, on the moving front. Still don't know what's going on with that. I can actually talk about without freaking out so that's a step in the right direction. My mom is another story. She's afraid she'll never have grandkids or something. Or we'll forget about them. Remember, I work with my parents, so I see them everyday. Jason and I have been talking about a lot of different options so that makes me feel better. We'll see how it works out. One way or another, it will have to.'s journeys.
Oh yeah, my friend Jackie is going to have her Twins in the next week or so. She's not due until Sept, 9th....but she's going in the next week. That girl is lugging around almost 13 pounds in her belly...and she's still going to work. What a champ!!!

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ramblings of a runnner said...

glad to hear you are doing better!! Oh - and I hear you on the track etiqutte!!! my favorite are the people whoe bring wagons to pull their kids in, or let their dogs run free on the track... or the best was the lady riding her bike on the track -- kid you not!! one of these days i'm going to get into a fight!!!