Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Right Direction

Well, the crazy Fourth of July is over!! It's one of the busiest weekends for us since we have an annual BBQ at our house. We have like 60 people over and I cook a lot of the food myself which just killed me this year. We rent a huge smoker and cook all kinds of meat, but that's not my job thank goodness. I was on my feet for 2 straight days not counting cleaning, shopping, & running around. It was a great success and lot of fun. We don't mind doing it for all our family and friends as long as they come and enjoy what we do. I must say though, it's so nice that it is over.

So on the running front, things are coming along. I did a workout last Tuesday which was long, but went really well and gave me some confidence in my training progression.
2m w/u & c/d
4x (800, 400) (400 rec jog between each)
The times were around 38 for the first batch of 200's to get the legs moving, 2:53-2:54 for the 800's, 80-84 for the 400's, and 34-35 for the last batch of 200's. It was a tough workout to do by myself, but it went really well. I was able to keep up the paces and never really felt like I was dying or fading. I gave it all I had on the last 4 200's. I need to get some speed in these legs! Total miles for that workout was 10.

Another key day was the Firecracker 5K in Hudson. It was a nice and cool morning to start, but warmed up a bit with the sun as the race started. I was kind of in a zone and rushed since I had the party to get ready for, but I had one goal in mind...I really wanted to run a sub 19. The start had about a 400 meter hill, with the rest of mile 1 and 2 flat. Mile 3 had a large 400-800 hill and incline with a downhill finish. There was a girl, who apparently runs for Dayton, who just blasted out mile 1. She must have been cooking around 5:30 or so, because I ran 5:57 and she was so far ahead I couldn't see her. I ran with my running friend Tracy (whom I ran with in college as well) and past her at mile 2. The last mile, I looked up and the girl in first place was now close. I kept a pretty constant pace, so she must have slowed waaaay down. I thought I could catch her, but the uphill was rough at the end, and I ran out of space to close in any more. All in all I felt great. I ran an 18:51 and was very happy with the effort. At least I'm heading in the right direction.

The rest of the weekend was hectic as we had our party and I managed to get in my Saturday run and long run on Sunday. We had a Sunday morning birthday party for my niece who turned 4 as well....sheesh! What a weekend!! I'm beat!


Quinto Sol said...

An 18:51 5K is definitely on the right path; next time, I have a feeling, you will get her :-)

ramblings of a runnner said...

nice race! glad to hear your training is going well!