Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mileage Building

I'm in the process of raising my mileage in, what I believe, is a slow manner. I have this plan of trying to keep a stable higher, for me, mileage and try and maintain for a while so my body can adapt. I kind of train through the 5K's and 5 Milers, but still hope to run well at those races. The plan is for this to carry me into the fall and perhaps run a decent marathon in the late fall, early winter. We'll see how that plan goes.
For now, I'm kind of tired. I've been running around 60 miles and I can start to feel the mileage. I'm not complaining because that is pretty much the point of what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to walk the line correctly. I do everything I can do put really good efforts into my workouts. The only problem I have is that, for one, the heat just makes me melt, two, I don't get enough sleep.
I really try and go to bed at 10:00pm...that never happens though. I usually get to sleep around 11:00 or 11:30 and wake up at 5:30 to run. I end up having mini meltdown for a day during a busy week if I keep that schedule up. I got smart and tend to do a good job of listening to my body and adjust my schedule if I'm having one of those days. The heat just compounds everything though.
So anyway, this was another decent week of training. I hit 60 miles. Easy runs ranging from 6-9 miles with 1 workout and long run. The 12 miles workout was a bit of a challenge as I headed out to the trails for a dynamic run of roughly 6:00 miles with 7:45-8:00 miles alternating. It was POURING rain. I did the warm up, the did my first 2 miles of the workout. It was so bad that the ground was turning into mud and I was sinking and slipping on the bridges. Fun.
I decided to hitch a ride home with my mom, who was running with the dog, and finish on the treadmill. That was unbelievable torture. I did around 6:05 for the hard miles and it felt every bit as long. Booooring. I was so happy to have finished it. The treadmill killed me though.
The next day I had a deep tissue massage. I try and get one every 6-8 weeks if I can. The woman is great. She's this little, petite, young lady, but she packs a mean punch to the muscles. We usually talk to whole time as this is not a pleasant massage. In the end, it loosens everything up. She always warns me, that massages like this is like a hard workout and to take it easy the next day.
On to the next day. One of the worst runs of my life. Seriously. I wanted to curl up on the sidewalk and cry. I'm not really a baby when I don't feel well, but this was of another world. I don't know what was going on with that, but I think the workout and massage did me in.
I finished off the week with a splendid long run at the Towpath which was beautiful. It was 15 miles of bliss. I love runs like that.
So it was an on and off week with how I felt, but it was a good one. Monday was my exhausted day so I just biked a little. I'm planning on doing about 60 this week with the workout I did yesterday and a couple doubles. I'm thinking doing doubles after hard days may help. Less miles at once, but keeping up the mileage overall. I'll see if that works at all. I'm planning on running a race Sunday and doing my long run on Friday. I have a wedding Friday in which I'm making the groomsmen cake so we'll see how it all goes.
Life is never boring!!

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