Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mileage Building

I'm in the process of raising my mileage in, what I believe, is a slow manner. I have this plan of trying to keep a stable higher, for me, mileage and try and maintain for a while so my body can adapt. I kind of train through the 5K's and 5 Milers, but still hope to run well at those races. The plan is for this to carry me into the fall and perhaps run a decent marathon in the late fall, early winter. We'll see how that plan goes.
For now, I'm kind of tired. I've been running around 60 miles and I can start to feel the mileage. I'm not complaining because that is pretty much the point of what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to walk the line correctly. I do everything I can do put really good efforts into my workouts. The only problem I have is that, for one, the heat just makes me melt, two, I don't get enough sleep.
I really try and go to bed at 10:00pm...that never happens though. I usually get to sleep around 11:00 or 11:30 and wake up at 5:30 to run. I end up having mini meltdown for a day during a busy week if I keep that schedule up. I got smart and tend to do a good job of listening to my body and adjust my schedule if I'm having one of those days. The heat just compounds everything though.
So anyway, this was another decent week of training. I hit 60 miles. Easy runs ranging from 6-9 miles with 1 workout and long run. The 12 miles workout was a bit of a challenge as I headed out to the trails for a dynamic run of roughly 6:00 miles with 7:45-8:00 miles alternating. It was POURING rain. I did the warm up, the did my first 2 miles of the workout. It was so bad that the ground was turning into mud and I was sinking and slipping on the bridges. Fun.
I decided to hitch a ride home with my mom, who was running with the dog, and finish on the treadmill. That was unbelievable torture. I did around 6:05 for the hard miles and it felt every bit as long. Booooring. I was so happy to have finished it. The treadmill killed me though.
The next day I had a deep tissue massage. I try and get one every 6-8 weeks if I can. The woman is great. She's this little, petite, young lady, but she packs a mean punch to the muscles. We usually talk to whole time as this is not a pleasant massage. In the end, it loosens everything up. She always warns me, that massages like this is like a hard workout and to take it easy the next day.
On to the next day. One of the worst runs of my life. Seriously. I wanted to curl up on the sidewalk and cry. I'm not really a baby when I don't feel well, but this was of another world. I don't know what was going on with that, but I think the workout and massage did me in.
I finished off the week with a splendid long run at the Towpath which was beautiful. It was 15 miles of bliss. I love runs like that.
So it was an on and off week with how I felt, but it was a good one. Monday was my exhausted day so I just biked a little. I'm planning on doing about 60 this week with the workout I did yesterday and a couple doubles. I'm thinking doing doubles after hard days may help. Less miles at once, but keeping up the mileage overall. I'll see if that works at all. I'm planning on running a race Sunday and doing my long run on Friday. I have a wedding Friday in which I'm making the groomsmen cake so we'll see how it all goes.
Life is never boring!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Heat, Humidity & a PR

So I broke down and ran the Johnnycake Jog 5 Mile Race in Painesville. This was the first race I ran when I was 14 years old. I ran a 39:02 (I think) and my mom ran 1 second faster then me that year. I've ran it more then any other road race. It's a big deal on the far east side of town. I also happen to hate the race due to the fact that I have NEVER raced well there. It's like a wicked step sister slapping me....and I keep coming back again and again.
So I had a couple people ask me if I was running it. I was thinking about it...kind of...but without too much persuasion, I decided to run it again. The thing I REALLY love about the race is I get to see all kinds of runner friends I only see once in a while. Plus the competition is really good there. I do have to give props to the organization as well. It's a great event.
So to make a long story short, me, Jason, and the dog headed to Painesville for the event. It was sooo blasted humid. The temp was lik 78 with some ungodly humiditiy. I wanted to run sub 31 as my PR was 31:54 (which isn't a strong PR in this distance for me as I don't really race the 5M/10K distnace often). I toed the line after a nice warm up with a few friends and also ran into an old male teamate from college....awesome! He wanted to run sub 30.....I wasn't going to set the bar that high just yet for myself.
Off the race went.....Mile 1 6:08. I felt decent. It was just humid. The 2nd mile was hilly compared to the rest of the pancake flat course and it was 6:31. Bummer. I thought I was running faster, especially since I was passing tons of people. 3rd mile was some downhill 6:10. I remember thinking sub 31 was probably not going to happen as I had a long 2 miles left and it was HOT and I was breathing in what felt like water. mile 4 took FOREVER to come and it was a 6:05. Yikes...I didn't think I was running that good of a pace. I got into a good, comfortable (for a race) groove and went with it. I remember thinking the last half mile that I wanted to sit on the side of the road, kick my feet up, and have a cold, minty, mohito. This was a serious thought at this joke. So anyway, I was told I was the 4th woman overall. I saw a woman in front of me and easily passed her. I could hear her labored breathing....not that mine probably sounded all that great. I passed plenty more people and saw the finish line. I saw 30:40 and kick it up a gear. I crossed the finish line in 30:53....3rd place overall. I was HAPPY! I looked at my watch and saw I ran a 5:57 last mile. That made me feel really good. I'm pretty excited about how the race panned out as it was my first good race at the "Jog"...and it was a big PR. More importantly, I felt really good...even considereing the hot & humid racing conditions.
I'm so glad I did this race. I needed something like this to boost me and make me feel like my training is working in some way. The last few workouts were pretty tough and I've been ramping up my mileage.
After the race, I did a nice cooldown with quite a variety of people...including my puppy dog. A good portion was with Salty.....who continues to inspire me with all the running she is doing while pregnant. It makes me be not so afraid to get pregnant. I'm such a chicken.
So I'm sitting here at work as our offices are being renovated, the smell of paint fumes overcoming me and reading the New Herald. It's really nice how they cover the race with all the pictures...but there is something so not glamourous about having a head shot taken of you right after a hot 5 Mile race. I swear, if people I haven't seen in a while, and see this picture... they are gonig to think "What the hell happend to her?!?" (Which bring me to the topic of how different runners look as normal, everyday people....that's another blog.)
O least I ran a PR :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Right Direction

Well, the crazy Fourth of July is over!! It's one of the busiest weekends for us since we have an annual BBQ at our house. We have like 60 people over and I cook a lot of the food myself which just killed me this year. We rent a huge smoker and cook all kinds of meat, but that's not my job thank goodness. I was on my feet for 2 straight days not counting cleaning, shopping, & running around. It was a great success and lot of fun. We don't mind doing it for all our family and friends as long as they come and enjoy what we do. I must say though, it's so nice that it is over.

So on the running front, things are coming along. I did a workout last Tuesday which was long, but went really well and gave me some confidence in my training progression.
2m w/u & c/d
4x (800, 400) (400 rec jog between each)
The times were around 38 for the first batch of 200's to get the legs moving, 2:53-2:54 for the 800's, 80-84 for the 400's, and 34-35 for the last batch of 200's. It was a tough workout to do by myself, but it went really well. I was able to keep up the paces and never really felt like I was dying or fading. I gave it all I had on the last 4 200's. I need to get some speed in these legs! Total miles for that workout was 10.

Another key day was the Firecracker 5K in Hudson. It was a nice and cool morning to start, but warmed up a bit with the sun as the race started. I was kind of in a zone and rushed since I had the party to get ready for, but I had one goal in mind...I really wanted to run a sub 19. The start had about a 400 meter hill, with the rest of mile 1 and 2 flat. Mile 3 had a large 400-800 hill and incline with a downhill finish. There was a girl, who apparently runs for Dayton, who just blasted out mile 1. She must have been cooking around 5:30 or so, because I ran 5:57 and she was so far ahead I couldn't see her. I ran with my running friend Tracy (whom I ran with in college as well) and past her at mile 2. The last mile, I looked up and the girl in first place was now close. I kept a pretty constant pace, so she must have slowed waaaay down. I thought I could catch her, but the uphill was rough at the end, and I ran out of space to close in any more. All in all I felt great. I ran an 18:51 and was very happy with the effort. At least I'm heading in the right direction.

The rest of the weekend was hectic as we had our party and I managed to get in my Saturday run and long run on Sunday. We had a Sunday morning birthday party for my niece who turned 4 as well....sheesh! What a weekend!! I'm beat!