Friday, June 27, 2008

Good Week

This week was a relatively good week for me. I don't toss that phrase around too lightly.....especially in the running department.
I decided after 3 weeks of building up some mileage, I needed a week of doing a little less to allow my body to adapt. It works for me. I thought about waiting until next week to do that since I'll be racing the annual 4th of July race but my body was telling me otherwise.
I was going to run a night race last Friday, but I had a crazy week that was way to over scheduled, and was just too tired. I'm glad I didn't since I got in a nice 8 miler Friday. Toward the end of the run, a girl pulled up next to me in a Jeep, and I though they were going to yell at me for something...but it was one of the girls I Coached. It was so great to see her! Nice surprise mid run. This led into a really good Saturday workout at the Towpath. It was a workout I HATED in College, but I thought I was ready to give it a go again. It was a 6 mile Dynamic run consisting of around 6:00 pace for the hard efforts and 7:00 for the medium efforts. This workout is so hard because it's not like you really get a recovery. 7:00 is a good clip after a 6:00 mile. I'm happy to report the workout went well. I really wanted to go 6:05 or sub 6:00 (if I was feeling it) on the last mile, but a guy on a bike struck up a conversation with me...the whole last mile. It was a nice conversation, with a really nice guy...but O MY GOSH...I was trying to run a sub 6:00. He couldn't have possibly thought this was a normal, easy run for me! Last mile ended up 6:15. O well. Next time.
Long run on Sunday...then I pooped out Monday and biked. I was beat up. Easy run Tuesday morning then a good workout on Wednesday. Mile reps on the trail. 6:20, 6:12, 6:08, 6:04, 6:05. Needless to say, I was really happy with this workout. As an added bonus, I felt awesome I never felt terribly strained. I hope this translates into faster race times....I really hope!!
Funny thing about that workout was there was a couple, in their 40's or 50's making out the whole time on the trail. Loop after loop after loop, they were there. They were my midpoint marker :) It was slightly annoying though since they were pretty much on the trail and I ran about 5 inches from them around a corner.
The last couple days were an easy 7 and 9 miler which I did this morning. I'll be really busy baking an order for a Bridal Shower so I wanted to get all my running done for the day today. Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday!!! I have to bake him a cake too while I'm at it.
I think I'll take the day off tomorrow and round out the week with a 12 miler.
Hopefully, I can kick it up a notch again the next few weeks and feel good.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Holy Hill

Yesterday I had my first workout with a group of people in a really long time. I honestly think it's been years. My schedule kind of stinks as I'm pressed for time all the time. Yes, I'm a Type A who tries to cram a weeks worth of things into 1 day. So anyway, it makes it hard to run with groups.

At the Flag Day Race, I came across a running friend who invited me to run with their group for a speed workout at Pen Glen on Tuesday. It was perfect because I usually head out that way on Tuesdays since my parents live there. My mom runs with the dog, I get my workout in....good times.

I met up with the group yesterday and it was 3 guys a 1 other girl. These people are seriously good. The girl is a consistent sub 17:00 5K runner...and the guys good too. I was the slower one in the group...but that's cool. I like having something to work for.

We did a 3 mile warm up, then the guys marked off 400 meters from the bottom of a huge hill, to the top with about 100 meters of flat at the end. The whole workout was to be 8x400 uphill with 400 meters down hill rec. The deal was to start out slower and pick up the pace...going almost all out the last 100. Heh. After the first one, it was more like survive through this workout. We all laughed. I wasn't actually too far behind. The guy in from of me was only a couple seconds ahead by the end, while the first people were about 10. Not bad. Time for me ranged from 1:38-1:41 with a 1:33 first one and 1:44 7th one. It went pretty fast thought it was really tough. The cool down was 2 miles and it was so nice to chat with the other girl....JK. My legs were Jello....but I was so happy with the day (other then the mean lady with the dog).

So, all in all, it was a great workout with a great group of runners. It's interesting to note how different it is to run with people who are more serious and competitive, rather then running just for fun. I guess we all do it for fun, but some are more competitive then others. It was nice. It kind of put me back into focus. It's like, everyone shows up and we are there to get a job done. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to workout with this group on Tuesdays more.
I think I'll really make an effort to take people up on offers to run with them. It's not that I don't want to, I just get so busy and find odd times to squeeze my runs in. I think it would be worth the extra effort though.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm not even really superstitious

So, I decided to not post for a while because every time I would post something I would get hurt again. Seriously. Last post I was on a positive note, then the next day my right foot was on the DL. That was a bummer. I'm thinking it was from the overcompensation from the left foot injury. I decided I needed a break from writing about my running life and maybe get the stars aligned in my favor. I'm really not superstitious, but in desperate know how the saying goes. I say.....I think my body is doing well. After being sketchy with my mileage and workouts to baby my broken body, I think I'm on my way down the path I intended to be down about 3 months ago. I'm getting into the 50 miles or so a week range and am able to handle it. Now, I need to start getting my butt in gear and start doing some good workouts.
To sum it all up, I ran 2 4 mile races. By the way, what's up with the 4 mile race? I've never ran one before, and then there were 2 in a row? Odd distance. Anyway, the first one was good, but tough for me since it was my first hard effort in a while. I ran 25:28 (I think) and was pretty happy with that. Second race a couple weeks later was 25:17 and I wasn't as happy because I felt I never really pushed myself. Life could be worse though. It gave me some motivation.
After that race I had to take a few days off because my foot swelled up like a baseball which freaked me out to no end!! Those few days did a world of good and suddenly everything started to heal for good. Thank goodness!!
So after a few workouts which I probably ran too fast for me at this point, I was feeling pretty good and ran my favorite local race of the year. The Flag Day 5K. I got to see my running friends, which include Salty, who is pregnant and running like a champ. I really hope when I'm pregnant I can keep up like her. I also, saw some running friends I haven't seen in a long time...and I think I even may catch a workout with them on Tuesday. I'll probably be the slow one in the group, but that is good for me. I ran a 19:13 and was pretty happy with it. Not thrilled, but happy with my first 5K in a really long time. My legs feel so sloooow in a 5K. I know with a little speed work I can get into that groove where you are racing fast and feel fast....and good. I'd really like to break 18:00 this year. We'll see how things round up.
So in a nut shell, that is a quick update on my running. This past week was the Flag Day race, and a few easy runs all in the 7-8 mile range. I decided to switch up my mini workout today (Friday) with my recovery day tomorrow since the weather is suppose to be cooler. I don't fare too well in the heat...but who does right?
I'm just so happy to be running as a whole person again!!!

Oh yeah, so, I'm a baking freak right now. I started doing baby and wedding showers and somehow I'm booked for the next month. I guess my stuff tasted good enough for people to want more. What a relief that my food doesn't taste like dirt (which anyone who cooks for others worries about). Whohoo!!!!!!!