Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Spring

Easter and Opening Day have come and gone, and it's sort of is starting to feel like spring. It's windy as heck today, but warm....I'll take it I guess.

Speaking wind, that, out of all the elements, is my least favorite to run in. I can handle heat, cold, rain, snow...but I HATE wind. I wonder what most runners think about their last favorite element to run in. Just a thought.

Injury update. My foot is finally starting to heal itself back up. I'm starting to run a bit more. Oh the struggles of running again when being away from steady running, even for a short while. I have pretty much no range of motion in my hips. Last Friday I did a 6 miles and felt like an old creaky lady running down Main Street. My hips and quads were sore while I was still compensating a little too much for my foot for fear of re injury.

Sunday went much better. I went ahead a drove down to the Towpath and ran 7.5 miles and felt really good (relatively speaking) except for a really sore tendon on the top of my foot. That is normal when I start running so I wasn't worried. Seriously, I don't know what pace I'm running nor do I want to know or care. I know since I kept up with the cross training, core, & lifting, it will all come back pretty quickly. It just so hard and frustrating to get "started" again....wahhhh....enough crying already. I really am just so happy to be out and running again.
Hopefully my foot doesn't do anything stupid and I say injury free for a while at least.

Now my glutes are murderously sore like they were at the end of my marathon cycle. I have a massage scheduled for this Saturday that I'm looking very much forward too even though I think it will be more pain then anything. I leave feeling great though. It's the reward the counts. I'll have to remember that when I'm pregnant someday.

Speaking of pregnant, I made the stupid mistake telling everyone how I had this awful heartburn, nausea, and exhaustion last week, therefore allowing people to "diagnose" me as perhaps being pregnant. No one wanted to listen to the fact that I just came back from Vegas and got no sleep all last week, ate ham that was making me sick, and had a slightly runny nose. I think it's wishful thinking on some peoples part. Kind of funny if you think about it. I'm magically feeling better now that I got some sleep and stopped eating the Easter ham. HELLO PEOPLE. Note to self, keep issues to myself. It's always best to just keep the mouth shut.

Anyway, hopefully this will be a good week and I can keep up with the running. It's kind of a bummer that I won't be running the races I planned on , but maybe some good will come out of this in the long run. Hopefully, the weather will be a little nicer soon too!

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Quinto Sol said...

I am with you about wind being an 'evil' element... a few years back I used the SF 'thon as a training run and I planned on running goal pace for ten miles... from 12 to 13 it was really windy, and I held pace... big mistake. Soon thereafter I was totally done; it took me two miles of walking/jogging to recover from that one mile into the wind.

What worse than wind? Wind AND rain!

Glad your foot is getting better.