Wednesday, April 2, 2008


"Fed chief Ben Bernanke now offers Congress a darker view of the economy" There may be a recession in our future.

Seriously, what planet are we on? There MAY be a recession? They must think people are stupid. Perhaps they are in there own little happy world or something. Call it what you want.
Anyway, that is my no running related 2 cents for the day while I kill some time.

Went for a run yesterday and it was wonderful even though it was some crazy winds and pelting rain. Being off from running for while sure makes me appreciate running so much. Foot is feeling good today after 3 straight days of running. Going to hop on the bike today for some cross training.
Racing is so far off my radar right now, but I'm hoping all that comes back quickly...especially as the weather gets nicer.

That's all for today. No real point...just a little bored.

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