Monday, March 10, 2008

Wool.....Who Would Have Thought

I went over to Vertical Runner a couple weeks ago to find some new insoles for my shoes. I was hoping that it would help my foot/achilles situation. I just so happened to walk in when they had this 60% off sale. Seriously, that is like giving a little kid free reign in a candy store, or toy store. Whoppie!!! This little store is just that, little, but it is the BEST running supply store I have ever been in. ...and I've been in a lot....all over the US.
Anyway, I came across this really skinny looking shirt, skinny like paper thin. The nice guy who works there proceeded to jump in and tell me it's wool. He also told me if I never ran in wool, I have to try it. I thought about it and held it in my hand while a walked around the rest of the store and sifted through pretty much every shred of clothing available. I wanted something different, and something more of a base layer so I decided to try it...along with a couple other things. This shirt cracks me up because, like I said, it's paper thin....with these little needle points that look almost like holes. I showed it to a couple people and every one had the same reaction....where the rest? It retailed for $88.00!!! Yikes!!! But, yes, 60% off....I'll take it.
So, one my foot got a little better I went out for a run. This guy was right. This is like the broken in sweatshirt you wear around all day. It was so super soft against my skin, and absolutely no itch. You wouldn't even believe it was cool. The great thing about it was, it didn't stink like a lot of the tech fabrics so after a sweaty run. Also, if you don't get a chance to shower immediately after a run, there is still no stick, and you don't get cold. This was work every penny, even at full price I think. This is my favorite new shirt. I don't say that very often.
So , for those of you that are looking for a new running shirt, go for wool. It sounds odd, but it's the best new thing I've tried in a long time.
Oh yeah...if you visit Vertical Runner....there is a cupcake shop just down the street within walking distance that is a MUST if you have a sweet tooth.

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GP said...

I hope your Vertical Runner trip brings you insole health.

And it's nice to see another runner post a link to Main Street Cupcakes. It makes me appear more sane.