Monday, March 24, 2008

Vegas & Heartburn

I have this case of heartburn today and it really sucks. I get a random spout of heartburn like once a year for no apparent reason. I haven't eaten anything different and have no idea why this happens but it feel like someone is gutting me from the inside. Yum.
Hubby and I went on a trip to Vegas and it was great. Really great. We realized this was our first vacation alone since we got married. Every vacation involved being with either family or friend. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just nice to be alone.
We were there for 5 days. A bit too long for Vegas but what the heck...right? Typical day involved me waking up at 6:00am because I just couldn't sleep anymore. I went to workout in the dinky workout room. We went and ate an overpriced breakfast (walking about 3 miles to find what sounded good), got sucked into a casino which took my money because I get all hyped up over the flashing lights on the slots, then go shopping at stores that I would have to take a second mortgage on my house to buy anything at. By then it's somehow like 4:00 and we go take a break, go back to the casino and do something fun in the evening. I guess it sounds boring now that I write it down, but it wasn't at all. I swear we walked 10 miles a day. There were 2 big events I particularly enjoyed.
1) Dinner and Emeril's Delmonico Steakhouse. Nothing like having 5 servers per table with steak that melts in your mouth like butter. O my gosh...I recommend that place. It's not cheap, but it's worth the splurge.
2) Hiking at Valley of Fire National Park. We rented a car for the day and went hiking. It was very cool.
Next time we hope to do more of the hiking and a little less of the gambling. It was a good time. Now I'm back 10 times more tired then when I left....and with heartburn. O well.

As far as running goes, it has been minimal, but I work out quite a bit more when I'm not running so that usually ends up being a good thing. I finally got the the treadmill and ran 5 pain free miles yesterday which is a great start. I'm just taking my good old time so I'm not back at square one cursing the world out with my foot in a bucket. Ahhh...the joys.
It looks like the racing team on one is on the outs...boooo. I can't blame the person who is running it though. I can't believe they were able to keep it running (no pun intended) for so long with how busy there life is. The upside is I can run for Vertical Runner and wear their stuff (if they let me).
Did I mention the cupcake shop right by Vertical Runner??? Mmmmmm. I'm sure that would help this heartburn.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wool.....Who Would Have Thought

I went over to Vertical Runner a couple weeks ago to find some new insoles for my shoes. I was hoping that it would help my foot/achilles situation. I just so happened to walk in when they had this 60% off sale. Seriously, that is like giving a little kid free reign in a candy store, or toy store. Whoppie!!! This little store is just that, little, but it is the BEST running supply store I have ever been in. ...and I've been in a lot....all over the US.
Anyway, I came across this really skinny looking shirt, skinny like paper thin. The nice guy who works there proceeded to jump in and tell me it's wool. He also told me if I never ran in wool, I have to try it. I thought about it and held it in my hand while a walked around the rest of the store and sifted through pretty much every shred of clothing available. I wanted something different, and something more of a base layer so I decided to try it...along with a couple other things. This shirt cracks me up because, like I said, it's paper thin....with these little needle points that look almost like holes. I showed it to a couple people and every one had the same reaction....where the rest? It retailed for $88.00!!! Yikes!!! But, yes, 60% off....I'll take it.
So, one my foot got a little better I went out for a run. This guy was right. This is like the broken in sweatshirt you wear around all day. It was so super soft against my skin, and absolutely no itch. You wouldn't even believe it was cool. The great thing about it was, it didn't stink like a lot of the tech fabrics so after a sweaty run. Also, if you don't get a chance to shower immediately after a run, there is still no stick, and you don't get cold. This was work every penny, even at full price I think. This is my favorite new shirt. I don't say that very often.
So , for those of you that are looking for a new running shirt, go for wool. It sounds odd, but it's the best new thing I've tried in a long time.
Oh yeah...if you visit Vertical Runner....there is a cupcake shop just down the street within walking distance that is a MUST if you have a sweet tooth.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Magic Bullet, GT Xpress, & Politics

When I'm hurt, I pretty much get real with myself and know when to stop running and start cross training. As hard as it may be, I have matured and developed the self control to do this....even though I have to remind myself not to fall to pieces during the process.
My calve, heel, achilles area have been hurting for the past couple weeks, so I was forced to get in on the good old cross training equipment. The thing that cracks me up, it what's on TV....and how much of it I actually listen to. I have a tiny little TV in my basement, along with a REALLY old treadmill, and a simple stationary bike. I have some weights scattered around too. For an added accent, I have a lovely washing machine and dryer near the furnace and water tank. Great scenery.
Anyway, there are so many infomercials on TV, especially Saturday and Sunday morning...along with enough Politics to made you go numb. I only get 4 or 5 channels on my TV so I don't have many options. The funny thing is, I actually get really into whatever is on the TV. I noticed that lately. I got so into Fox's (yes FOX options here, remember?)) Chris Wallace politics on Sunday morning. I was spewing all the info on Hillary, Obama, McCain, and anything else to my hubby at breakfast. I was like the freakin AM news or something. I'm not normally a politics junkie. I'm the one who usually changes the channel. It almost feels kind of good to be in "the know" even it's all pretty goofy.
Also, the amount and type of product being sold on TV is hilarious to me. They still have the good old Magic Bullet on TV and the GT Xpress. I'm actually getting sold on that little thing. I think it has something to do with the fact that I sit on my bike for what seems like hours and watch the little lady make omelets, cinnamon rolls, and cake in 7 minutes....O my gosh, YES 7 MINUTES...WOW. If I act now, I get one payment cut from the price and get an extra one for free. Hmmm....maybe I'll get a free set of knives too. Who knows. This cross training thing can get expensive if it last a while....especially if I can tune into QVC or something. Maybe I should switch to my I Pod. Maybe I should get unhurt.
Actually, I did 8 miles straight at pretty much normal pace on the treadmill yesterday which was awesome. My foot had a small amount of ache and it didn't get worse which is a definite positive. My spirits were much better after my run yesterday. I was starting to get pretty down on everything after looking at my running log and seeing the history of the last 4 weeks. I know better then to do that, but I did anyway. I was thinking of taking a week or two off and starting over if things keep popping up to interrupt my running. Hopefully, I'm in the clear now and I can be off on my way of trying to rebuild again.
Maybe I can buy that cool little Pilate's Machine I saw on Saturday morning for only 4 payments if $49.95 to help me with that. Maybe not.