Monday, February 11, 2008

Spoke Too Soon

Well, I spoke too soon. I said the only bump in my running road was a little cold...well I'm sick again. This time, it's more like the flu. I swear I've been sick a million times since my marathon. No really, it's been a solid 3 times since October. I never usually get sick more then 1 time a year. I'm not sure if I'm just around more germy people, or if perhaps since I'm not taking any multi vitamins or something. Those made be so sick so I just stopped on those cold turkey around September. This is so frustrating. I really tried to run through this one, but that lasted one day. Man, it really puts a damper on my running mood. It's hard enough to get going in this weather and this time of year, but throw in a virus and it really kills me. I get pretty bummed about it. I must be seriously addicted.
So, on a better note, before I got sick, I did my first actual timed workout in a whle. It was a mini tempo run type workout. I did 2 miles at a faster tempo pace (6:35, 6:37), 1 mile easy (7:56), 2 miles faster tempo pace (6:37, 6:33). I was really happy with the effort although I know it's a long way before I get some speed and smoothness into these workouts again. I was planning on doing some faster miles during my long run...but alas, no long run this weekend. Booooo. Such is life.
Hopefully, if I can kick this thing sometime soon, I'd like to get out and do a few more workouts like I did last week, then start doing some faster stuff. I really would like to dip under 18:00 in the 5K. To do that, I need to dust off some of my old college workouts and get my butt going. I really need to be consistent with my core, strength, & flexibility because I think it's the little things like that that make all the difference with me.
If anything, I'm spending some time pondering some goals and planning some workouts. It's not all bad...I guess.
Weird factoid with me, whenever I get sick, all I crave is cereal and cake. I can't stomach anything else. Yesterday I had like 10 cups of tea and 3 pieces of cake (I try to keep it as small as possible...I try). My husband thinks I'm such a weirdo...probably because I am.
Yeah, so my parents are in Naples, Florida for 2 weeks and I get a phone call everyday about how it's 70-80 Degrees and Sunny.

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