Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seriously Mr. Snow Man

Hello? It's almost March and it's been snowing for like 2 straight weeks! Please go away. I know it's winter in Cleveland, but I get more and more annoyed with the end of winter each year. Perhaps the hour commute I have to work and back doesn't help my feelings.

Things that annoy me:

I get snow in my shoes
My wind shield wipers get ice and won't wipe properly
My car slides
Other peoples cars slide
The jerk who thinks they can still drive 85 in a blizzard
My door freezes shut
I always have the chance of falling (which actually happened in a Starbucks parking lot a few weeks ago)
When I run:
My nose wants to freeze shut
I can't feel my fingers
I sound like I have a speech impediment after I run
My eyes want to fall out when ice is falling and it's windy

Yes, there are good points like, a beautiful, majestic snowfall, snowmen, the hot shower after a run, fires in the fireplace (LOVE IT), and a warm meal (especially breakfast) after being outside running, & hot cocoa with marshmallows.

I really not a negative person when it comes to the weather, but I swear I thought my life was ending a couple times with my drive to work a couple times in the past couple weeks. Plus, I'm sick of my treadmill. My fingers and toes have a terrible time when it gets frigid.

O well, I'm hoping this will help a little more time pass as spring makes it way around the corner. Oh, and I know I will have a post in a few months regarding how freaking hot and humid it is outside :)

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