Monday, February 4, 2008


Okay, so in my last post (like 2 months ago) I thought I was a crappy blogger because it took me 3 weeks....well this is waaaaay worse. So I decided I'm going to make sure I post at least once a week from now on. Things just have to get more exciting right? Actually, a lot has been going on, I've just plain been too lazy to blog about it.
In a nut shell, my Christmas and New Years were very nice. I have a complex about making everything really nice for everyone. I try and do the super cute Christmas wrapping, the cookie tins, and anything else that good old Martha would do. I just love doing all that stuff, it's just a bit stressful when your into it. Well, it came and went, and a New Year started.
So on the running front, I had a nasty cold for a few days and that was about the only bump in my training (except for the couple snow/ice/sub zero days). I got into a groove the past few weeks and have been hovering just under 50 miles a week. There was a Cut Down run which I started at 7:30 and ended at 6:40 or so which made me really happy since it was one of the first sort of effort in a looooong time. I just need to get into a better workout groove. The time has come. I'm just happy to get my runs in the the dark and ice on the roads lately. Can't wait for Spring.
There was a random incident. I apparently was in the top 3 in the Run Ohio Grand Prix. I didn't realize like 4 of my races were part of that. So when I got the letter in the mail it was quite a surprise. The funny thing is, they ask you for an interview and a picture. I thought I would have a ton of pictures of me running and realized I pretty much had none that were noteworthy. Looks like I should put my pennies together and maybe actually purchase one, for the record, from a race, or have my hubby work on his photo skills. I'm not very photogenic, nor do I particularly like reviewing photos of myself, so I'm really bad about that.
My new venture that has been consuming my spare time is my Cake Decorating. After my wedding in 2003, the talented lady who designed and made my cake taught me the basics for a year. She is older and told me her hands are starting to bother her, so she wanted to pass along her knowledge to a couple people who were interested. This only went for a year, because I got so darn busy at work and we moved an hour away. I always put her techniques to use but never had a chance to really evolve (or to really, really thank her for everything for that matter). After the New Year, I decided I was going to really get into the Cake Decorating thing. I really love it. I'll have to post some pictures as I progress. My best friend hired me to do her sister's wedding shower and the groomsmen cake at the wedding...YIKES!!! I'm going to be sculpting a Football Helmet out of cake. I'll keep the progression on that one posted. Perhaps one day I can be as cool as Duff on The Food Network. I don't plan on being the stuffy, snobby cake decorator....I want to be the ultra-cool, I can carve anything out of cake lady. I can put my engineering skills to great use and build sky high creations of Buttercream, Fondant, & Cake. Yum.

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