Thursday, November 29, 2007


3 Weeks goes by so fast. I took a look at my blog and realized it's been a while. I guess not much has been going on, especially with my running. I should have started this this before my marathon training and I would have had something to day on almost a daily basis.
This is always a crazy time of year for me. I'm usually not training for anything but trying to keep my fitness level up without overdoing anything. I'm kind of steady right now between 40-50 miles per week. I liked to cross train 2 times per week during this time to give my body a break, but for some reason I'm having a hard time winding down. I think because I had a good year, I don't want to let myself go too much for next year, but I don't want to burn myself out either. I know how my body works and I know what will happen. But, I feel if I don't push myself I'll be in this comfort place that won't allow me to progress to my potential.
So I have this pain in my butt (literally) that is so annoying. I found a new massotherapist who is amazing. She spent an hour digging and prodding spots on my hamstring, glutes, and lower back. Oh yes, she found "The Spot." I had tears coming out of my eyes inherently. I guess I have a very tight hip flexor and lower back, which in turn, tightens up my glutes and hammys. I seriously stretch all the time so I'm not sure what to do but stretch more? Who knows.
Daylight is at a prime and the warm weather flew south so it's definitely just about wintertime in northeast Ohio. This year, I have figured out a new path which includes lit sidewalks most of the way so I can run in the dark. I got over the spookiness and have come to appreciate the serenity. It's so peaceful on a dark morning run with the stars and moon keeping you company. The hot, steaming showers after a cold morning run are the absolute BEST! What going to really stink is when the sidewalks get too snow covered to run on. Then it's me and the trusty treadmill. Yuck.
The only issue is my lack of sleep time. Because I'm not busy enough with my day job, running, wife/house things, I run my own Ebay Store. I've been doing it for 2 years and enjoy it, but this time of year gets a little hairy. I'm not complaining, but I do this pretty much myself, so on busy nights I'm sorting through mounds of merchandise (literally mounds) that's overtaking my house, trying to appease customer questions, and packaging. Somehow my cat seems to find the packing tape and get it caught on his paw on a regular basis. You think he's learn! Anyway, the time just flies and before I know it, it's midnight.
O well, no one said life is easy. Sleep is for the birds...right? Yeah right.
Thank God for Starbucks.

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