Friday, November 2, 2007

Lovin' It

I love this fall weather. The crisp leaves under each step, the cool air, the long sleeves, and the lovely scenery on the trails. It's a great time of year, especially for a runner who is running just to enjoy herself....myself. The only thing that I dread is that this leads quickly into...yuck....snow.
I did a Tempo type workout with 2 miles at a medium pace for the first time since the marathon and it was okay. This was the workout:
1 Mile easy
2 Mile medium (6:49, 6:48)
1 Mile easy
2 Mile medium (6:53, 6:43)
1 Mile easy
I thought maybe I was running a little faster then that, but it was a good effort. Especially since I took a little time off, been sick, and have been running easy for a few weeks. I always hope that my body will somehow stay stuck on the way I felt before the marathon, where I would run 10 miles at sub 6:50 and be fine with it.'s always good to fall back a little...but it's hard to do. I really think I want to start running fast for shorter distances for a little while. Maybe I got that bug from Coaching high school this year and being around 5k's all season.
Last year, I was pretty disgruntled after Chicago and putzed around for 3 months before I did any sort of harder effort or mileage. This year went much, much better, so I'm trying to keep up a little better through the "off" season. I want to stay on that up swing into next year. I love this game. It's my own personal game that I control. What fun.

Speaking of Coaching....we sadly did not quality as a team to the State Meet but that was expected. We were 8th and the top 4 went. We should have an awesome team next year. On a high note, we did get one girl out. I'm excited for her...but she is one of those girls that is naturally good and doesn't really care too much for running. Sometimes I wonder if she says that just so she doesn't disappoint herself if she doesn't do well. We are all guilty of that at times. She's only a Sophomore. I'm going down to the meet and I'm so excited. I'm dragging my hubby down with me....bless his little non running soul for doing that for me. I haven't been to the State Cross Country Meet since I ran in it my Senior Year!!! It should be exciting!

On an interesting note, I think, I received a letter in the mail from the woman who finished the place behind me at Akron. It was such a nice gesture. I guess she lives nearby and wanted to get together for some runs. I spoke with her for a while when we were waiting for our awards. She seems like a cool person and I'm excited she took the time to contact me. This brings me to my main thought....
Runners really are like little children. If you throw one child in with a sandbox of other kids, they will start playing with them. It doesn't matter if they are male, female, black, white, or foreign. Kids understand there own language and they figure out how to communicate. I really think runners are like this. It doesn't matter what age, sex, or put one runner with another, they can speak their own language of running and get along just fine without knowing one shred about the other person. It's such a pure thing if you're truly into the sport.

Anyway, this week has been wacky. Lots going on. I planned on talking about work from time to time, but I think I live it so much that I don't really feel like writing about it too. I'll have to devote a post to some of the dysfunctional things that go one here at some point....I don't know if I have that much time though...ha ha.

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