Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Everyone Knows....

I love how people love to tell me "How it is." Like I'm a 5 year old idiot with not a shred of life experience. It happens quite often and I wonder if this is a phenomena that is common amongst most people or young people. I actually has to stand in front of my employees at work and tell them "I may be young and blond, but I'm not STUPID!" I'm not going to get into the details of this ridiculous meeting, but the fact that those words needed to be said is just crazy to me.
I know I don't know everything, or half of everything, or sometimes anything....but I do choose the words that I stand behind carefully and my opinions based on what I believe.

The point of this comes because I had a man ask me when I'm retiring from running. Seriously, I'm 27 years old. Retire? Like I'm some super athlete with millions of stockpiled dollars who should retire at the top of my amazingly record breaking illustrious career. Like I do this for a living....I wish. I proceeded to laugh like he was joking...but no...somber stare. I told him...ummm...never. I plan on doing this running gig for pretty much as long as my body will let me. Hopefully forever. Then....I got the "this is how it is" speech.

Runners Die Young
Runners Age Faster then Normal People
Anyone Over the Age of 50 Should Never Run (It's bad for their health)

(Yes I kept a straight face)

First of all....I know runners does everyone else. I know Ryan Shay was young and died...but it's not a common thing. (Which by the way was a tragic event that really touched me due to the nature of his death and age etc...)
As far as runners aging faster...what? He told me they look all wrinkly and skinny. Well, let's see here, a lot of runners don't wear sunscreen and it happens that when we age and are thin, yeah, the wrinkles set in. Perhaps it would be better to pile on the pounds and have some extra cushion for our hearts. Sure, that is much better then running. Our hearts would love that. Plus I'm sure it would help with the not dying young thing. Right? I'm sure.
As far as running over the age of 50? Check out the Master runners...and Grand Masters for that matter. I think I'm a pretty decent runner...but I've had some serious butt kicking from these "old" folks.
During this "conversation" I was getting the "I know how it is because I'm older" tone. I love it. I really love when people think I'm just a naive little daisy that will get blown away with the next big storm.
I do have to say, this person is a very nice man so I'm not saying anything about's can you make such comments when you've never been a runner...ever? Uhhh...people.
So I concluded the conversation with this:
"If running will kill me then I don't have to worry about aging prematurely...right?"
That got a laugh at least.
I think I'll take my chances.