Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Yesterday was a great day at practice with the girls team. The head coach decided to split the JV and Varsity girls since we have sooooo many girls. This is the last week for the JV girls so they were doing different workouts. I was lucky enough to work with the JV girls while he took over Varsity. I sincerely mean I was lucky to work with these girls. For the first time all season, I got to work directly with the group and be the one who they had to solely listen to. I usually come to practice and run off to do whatever head coach needs me to do....this doesn't allow me to have much interaction with them during down time at practice.
Anyway, I started at the back of the pack and worked my way up and tried to talk to everyone. One of the girls started telling me about her college choices, another girls was telling me about some muscle issues, another one about her family....then I had a girl tell me about her last race and how I missed her being in the lead for the team during the open race. She said the heat on Saturday killed her which in turn had her walking at the half way. She was concerned she "peaked" last year (she is a junior). She was telling me how hard she trains for this and how this is basically her life during the season and she cried after the race because of what happened. (I couldn't make our meet this past Saturday because of a class I had to take for CPR).
I proceeded to tell her that sometimes things just don't work out, but you have to move on and keep on working. I also had to laugh when she told me she though she hit her peak. I said "Come on...you only 16 years old!" Just keep at it....your time will come.
So the main point of this, is I really felt significant that day to these girls. For the first time I REALLY felt like I had a real purpose as a coach. During the last part of our practice I had them asking me if I would coach track (which is impossible for me)....or if I could at least come and run with them sometime during the season. I was flattered that they asked. Of Course!!!
This was one of those days that nothing really special happened, but it was a special day for me. I truly love working with the girls that run because they just really like to. Most of these girls will never win a huge championship or get a headline in the newspaper...but they come everyday and work hard to find that personal glory I talk about. The day they get a medal at a race will be an Olympic type moment for them...which is so very awesome.....and I would be so lucky to witness that.
As I stated, I ran with these girls which means I'm running again!!! Yippie!!! Ran a mile on Friday which was terrible...felt like poo. Then I ran on Sunday which was better, but my body was creeky. Yesterday's run was much better so I feel like I'm getting my routine back although it will be much much less volume for a little while. That mixed in with some cross training will be a good balance I think. Oh, and I think this pulled muscle in my upper hammy will take a long while to heal although it doesn't bother me when I run. I'm just happy to be out and running...even if it is a million degrees (what's up with this weather?!?)
Anyway, kudos to those who ran crazy hot marathons this past weekend. Hope everyone survived and felt okay. If not....just keep at it and your time will come.

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