Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Knocked Down But Not Out

Just when I thought I was getting in the groove of running again I got knocked down hard. It started with a achy throat...which in turn turned into an achy body.....watery eyes, running nose, fever...etc...etc...etc. The marathon (along with other stresses in life) left my immune system open for business and it took its biggest customer. Missed 2 days of work and just layed around. Boxes of tissues, NyQuil, sweats....it's a very sad site. I just hate missing work, practice (it's the week of districts for the girls), and not being able to be a busy bee like I usually am. Yes, I am a Type A personality.
Anyway, I look at this as perhaps God's way of telling me to take a break silly girl. Okay...I listened.....can I PLEASE start to feel better now??
On the plus side, I got to watch TONS of Food TV and talk shows I never even knew existed. I finally learned why exactly we use Baking Powder and Baking Soda in baking and when to use what.
FYI....Baking powder is made up of usually 3 items....an acid, base, & filler (usually Baking Soda (Base), Cream of Tarter (Acid), and Cornstarch (Filler)). It is used to help baked goods rise. It's like yeast but much quicker. Whenever Baking Soda is called for in a recipe, there is usually an acid (ie buttermilk, yogurt...) in the recipe to allow it to react. Careful, if you add too much it will rise and fall because there will be too many bubble going on...plus it will taste like dirt.
I working on some new recipes so it's helpful to know what the stuff you add into your concoctions do. We'll see if anything good comes out of anything I throw together. Maybe this down time will result in something good.

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