Thursday, October 4, 2007


My husband has been calling my Ducky because of the way I walk. The other Coaches I coach with tease all the guys at work are giving me a hard time (in a nice way). The marathon just demolished my Quads....especially the left one. I'm starting to feel better, but I'm still toasted. My left side always is more sore then my right which if kind of an odd thing. This was all to be expected and not a surprise at all to me. After running the Boston Marathon I was in need of a walker for a few days too. I had sooooo many people ask me Why I Do This To Myself. Really......being sore for a week is annoying and uncomfortable, but if that is the only real "horrible" thing I have to deal with, I'll take it. I have two healthy legs, a strong ticker, and a life that allows me a little time to run. I'll take having some sore legs in the name of my own personal glory I get to experience. The thing I don't think people understand is in the sport of running, especially the Marathon, you get to toe the line with Olympians, the CEO next door, and the Woman who is running in the name of a passed loved one all at one time....and all with the same level of respect. You get to experience the thrill of accomplishment and self journey. You form relationships with complete strangers because of this common bond. It really is a beautiful thing.

The girls I coach got a kick out of my marathon. I wasn't ready for the millions of questions they were shooting at me. Some of the questions really made me have to think. The common question was "What the heck do you think about for 26.2 Miles?" (Followed by "How did you NOT have to go to the bathroom that whole time?!?") It's hard to put into words what you think about when you actually have to. After the fact, a lot of its a blur. Try explaining to someone who doesn't really run what you think about while racing 26.2 Miles. My answer was really...."I think about right now and my next step." There's more to it then that...and it's more exciting then it sounds, but that is the only way I could describe it without going into Mile by Mile detail. Actually, it kind of sounds like life...huh. I hope I may have inspired at least 1 of those girls to keep running after high school and perhaps venture into the waters of a marathon one day. It would be nice to know I made a small impact in some way.

As I waddled into the kitchen the past few days I have discovered all the wonderful things you can do with apples. My schedule (or legs) didn't allow for me to go Apple Picking so my family was kind enough to bring back a bushel.
For a quick little snack/dessert/recovery treat:
Take apple slices
Smear with Crunchy Peanut Butter (I like to leave a nice bump full)
Carefully Dip into Melted Milk Chocolate.
Allow to Dry and Enjoy!!! Double Dipping or a Sprinkle of Cinnamon is Always a Good Thing Too.