Thursday, September 27, 2007

Getting Started.....Sort Of

So this is my first Blog entry....WOW. I feel so behind in the times. Though this is the start of the insight to life has been going on for the past 27 years. That's a lot to talk about, and I like to is going to concentrate on my running, kitchen activities, and random events.
1) Running. I have been classified as crazy by many people because of my running. I ran in high school because we had no soccer team. Ends up I was pretty good at it. Got a scholarship to a Div. 1 program (Akron....Go ZIPS!). There was good and bad...but the experience was something I cherish forever. Took a couple years off after swearing off competing forever. Spent time working in Wisconsin and Seattle, met my husband, got married, got a cat and dog, bought a house, found myself in the process. Picked up running again for fun. Ran 1 marathon for fun, then I'm about to run my 5th. Somewhere my competitive spark I thought was lost forever came back. I was never much of a high mileage runner....but I would run around 40-50 miles which the occasional 60-65 during marathon training. The numbers keep going up with the number of marathons. This year I was running 70-80 for a while with a high of 86....YIKES! Ran 2 times a day for a while too. That was a big deal for me. So that is my running in a VERY, VERY brief nutshell. I have highs and lows....lots of both. But that is the fun of it. Running has developed who I am, how I think, and how I perceive things. It has taught me to be an extremely passionate person about life. It has taught be that Life is Good.
2) "Kitchen Activities" I LOVE to cook and bake. My dream is to own a bakery someday for fun. I work on all kinds of recipes in the kitchen and plan on posting some for all to try. This is my creative outlet.
3)....and is filled with so much. Try working with your family. I'm convinced we can make millions with a reality show on our place. Me, Mom, & Dad all crammed into one office with my dog too! Throw in the occasional brother or husband....interesting times to say the least. That along with all the interesting people in the world sometimes make for insightful, interesting stories.
Well, if anyone comes across this blog into my world....WELCOME....hope you enjoy Runnin' Along as much as I hope to.