Thursday, September 9, 2010


It's September which means the Akron Half Marathon is quickly approaching. From now, it about 2 weeks away. I guess I'll be ready. I mean, I know I can run the distance, I'm just wondering what I can do with it. It's hard to tell. My easy runs and long runs have been getting progressively faster with the same effort. I've recently been hoovering around the 8:00 p/mile mark with the jogger for my regular runs and 8:20 p/mile for my 12 mile longer runs. I decided to throw in a couple tempo runs which haven't been half bad. The one legit tempo workout was a 2 mile easy run, 3 tempo (7:18, 7:03, 6:52), 2 mile easy. Not too bad. My breathing and everything felt really good, my body felt a little out of sorts which was to be expected. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the progression. I'm just wondering what will happen with the Half.

This weekend I plan on running a 5K if everything works out. I thought about running one on Labor Day, but there was just too much going on. I feel like I really should run a shorter race to see where I'm at before Akron. I'm interested to see how it goes. I'll report on that after the fact.

In baby news, my little guys is rolling over, babbling away, drooling like a pug, sitting up with support, and laughing. It's simply wonderful to witness all these things. I truly mean that. Lately I'm questioning weather or not he is teething with all the fussing and anti nap attitude...but it could be growth as well. At his 4 month appointment, he took the shots really well which made me happy. He came in at just over 18 pounds and 26 inches long. He's still growing like a weed. I love him so much.

Our annual quality audit it tomorrow at work which means I need to be there all day. Yuck yuck yuck. My mom is going to watch the little guys. I'm kind of nervous about getting him up so early and dragging him into work then having my mom watch him while he's been fussy. I keep telling myself it's only one day. I think it may be good for everyone. Hopefully, things will go okay.

So, things are progressing along at our household. I'm keeping very busy and am constantly thankful for all the friends and family that I have that make my life sane. Seriously, I don't know what I would do without them....and it's wonderful that my little guy will have so many little ones to play with. Thank you everyone.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Excuse me summer but where did you go? I find myself asking this too often about my time. I REALLY can't believe it's the middle of August already. I have to take my little guy in for his 4 month shots tomorrow. Boooo. I can't believe he's 4 months. I can't believe a lot of things.

I kind of have a complex about trying to get everything done and keeping in touch with all my friends. I feel so bad when I don't get to it or don't get things done. Maybe it's because I feel like it's part of my new full time job. How funny I was in thinking I would be bored if I didn't work full time after having a child. Sheesh! What was I thinking?

So Nathan is 17 weeks and he continues to grow and reach his little milestones. He just started rolling from his stomach to his back this week on a consistent basis. He's rolled from he stomach to his back 2 times but is still working on that one. He LOVES to blow spit bubbles and stick his feet in his mouth. He's a big boy at 19 pounds (unofficially). I am so completely in love with him. It's a really wholesome, peaceful, just plain wonderful feeling. Hmmm...did I mention I'm not looking forward to the shots tomorrow? Sigh.

So on the running front, things are coming along nicely. I'm feeling pretty decent most days. I still can get overly tired easily but I manage it pretty well. The only thing that is annoying to me that when I am really tired I have a hard time concentrating on one thing. It sucks when I make long drives because I tend to get easily distracted. It's like my eyes get tired and want to go to sleep. It's a weird thing. So I digress. Anyway, running. I have built up to a solid 12 miler (8:45ish pace) on the weekends (followed by a day off for now) and fairly easy runs the other days 5-7 miles (8:20ish pace). I'm at 42 miles the past couple weeks. I finally signed up for the Akron Half Marathon so I really need to start doing something to get my legs moving a bit faster. I'm not looking to break any records that day, but I would like to show up as well prepared as possible.

This past week I did a few faster miles during one of my runs to kick start the faster running. I alternated easy running with a couple 7:00 miles. It went well. I then went and ran an old school cross country race hosted by the local running club. It's always a good time. I was a little nervous I would hurt myself somehow, but it turned out well. I ran 21:38. I was happy. It's a fairly difficult course with a lot of people. The start was interesting. I think everyone took off like crazies. High school kids have a lot to learn about pacing. My body felt good. I just need to work on getting stronger and faster again.

So I'm still plugging away. Getting up and getting out the door to meet some of my running friends just wasn't happening after my race. Ha ha...I have my work cut out for me huh? I am just about at my normal weight....and pretty much back to normal. There are a few little things, but those will pass with time I'm sure.

So as summer wraps itself up, I'm looking forward to fall, my favorite season. I'm taking life one step at a time and trying to enjoy all the little things that come my way. I have been very blessed with my family, friends, health, husband, son, circumstance...just to name a few things. I'm looking at ways to give back to those a bit on down side of life. I've actually been giving this a lot of thought. We'll see what happens with that.

In the mean time.....happy running. Hope to see everyone out on the trails and roads.

Monday, July 19, 2010


My baby is going to be 13 weeks this week. He's getting so big. He's smiling, sticking his tongue out, enthralled with his fingers, trying to sit up....I could go on and on. It's amazing how much these little people do in such a short time. I'm his biggest cheerleader and I love it. I actually can't believe how much I love it....and I can't believe how fulfilling I feel my life is at the moment. I just love being Nathan's mom.

So just around the 4th of July I've been feeling as fallen off a cliff. It seems like ever since our little fireworks party thing we had, I've been burning the candle at both ends. That weekend was filled with things to do, along with my running....and the 5K I ran.

Speaking of the 5K, I ran around a 21:30 and was really happy. It was very warm, sunny, and hilly. I'm slowly coming along.

Anyway, the day after the 5K is when everything really felt terrible. I was getting dizzy, headaches, and just exhausted. I figured it was dehydration. Since I'm nursing I forget how much I need to eat and drink. I think I do a pretty good job of piling on the food and drink, but maybe my body doesn't think so. Who knows. I'm just trying to figure it out. I was starting to feel better, much better, until this weekend passed. It was, yet again, another hectic weekend, Nathan isn't sleeping well (growth spurt or something), and I was running more miles. I woke up this morning feeling like crud again. I went to the store and had to go home. I decided I needed to get my priorities on paper so I knew what I needed to do to be myself good feeling self. I didn't obsess with my list of things to do around the house....I didn't workout....I actually took a 20 minute nap. All that mattered and all that I HAD to do was take care of Nathan, and make sure the dog and cat were fed and happy too. Wow do I feel so much better at the end of this day already. That is telling me I was in overdrive. It's all a bit frustrating because I try to do everything I feel I can do. Running is so very important to me, but I think I need a bit of a better balance. It's putting me a bit over the edge with the sleep I'm getting. Sigh. The lessons of life.

So, I'm currently in the process of finding that Zen place where my well being is at its optimal. Wish me luck on that one.

On the running front, I had to take a couple days off here and there from being so tired, but it's going really well otherwise. My pace has come down to about 8:20-30 on my easy runs. I'd say I'm averaging 6 miles per day with a 10 mile long run. I finally hit a 40 mile week. I am quite sore after the 10 milers because it's hilly and just feels long to my hips and pelvic area. The second 10 miler felt better then the first, so I know I'll get there. Sometimes it's nice to see a progression with running. When I was in super good shape, it was hard to see a large progression. It's kind of a nice thing.

Weekly Rundown:

T-6 miles
Th-6 miles
F- 7 miles
Sat- 6 miles (HOT mid day run)
Sun- 10 miles

Total: 35 miles (not bad for the shaky cruddy start to the week!!)
(Had a solid 40 mile week the previous week with a 10 mile long run and 1 day off)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lucky Me

Life is good 10 weeks out from delivery. I swear the baby changes everyday. It's so neat to see how he is progressing. I always tell him he's not allowed to grow up, but if he does, he needs to be a happy man and always love his family (especially mom!!). He is smiling so much now and is doing his baby talk more and more. It really makes my heart melt. He has discovered how to swat at his hanging toys in the baby gym and giggles at them. He is stubborn and lets you know what he doesn't like something. Not a very patient person at this point in his life. At his 2 month appointment he was almost 14 pounds. He's a really big boy!

I really do love being at home with him. I started working 10 hours a week from home on some quality control work...and that is more then enough for me at this point. Trying to keep the house in order, baby happy, and working out is crazy. It's more crazy then I ever would have imagined. The days just fly by and I don't know where they go. I remember how I thought I would just hate being at home with the baby. I was so sure I would want to go back to work shortly after having a baby. I thought I wouldn't know what to do with a baby, nor have the patience to deal with one. Boy how things change. Sometimes I really do believe I was made to be a mom :) I thought I would feel worthless not making all the money I could. I sure got over that and feel like a whole other life opened up to me. It is very fulfilling so far. It gives me a chance to discover myself in a deeper way as well.

I have a wonderful group of new mom running friends. They are such fantastic people and I love getting together with them on a regular basis with the babies. How lucky are we to have all met? I feel like I have such a great support group. It really brightens my week. My friend LP just had a baby girl on Monday (Jason's b-day!!), so there is a new baby to add to the group. I hope our kids get to grow up playing together. That would be a neat thing.

On the running front, things are progressing nicely. I'm working my way up to 40 miles per week, but I'm more concentrated on the quality of the runs rather then the quantity. Last week I had to take an extra day off from just being exhausted. I am much better at listening to my body these days...I think. My runs are averaging around 8:45 per mile and I am up to 8 miles as my longest run. The treadmill has become a little more of a friend this past week. When Nathan happens to nap, I jump on to get the workout in. It worked out nicely. Other days I either take him with me or try and get out before Jason goes to work. I'm getting it done one way or another. My body is still on the mend but is feeling pretty good. The Flag Day race went well. I ran 23:01 and I think I may have won my age group as I look at the results!?! After running the race, my easy runs became quicker I notice. Perhaps I need to keep on working the kinks out. Next on tap is a 4th of July race in Hudson. Hopefully, I will run a bit faster and feel smoother. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!!

Weekly Rundown:

M- 5 Miles (Treadmill)
T- 7 Miles (Treadmill)
W- Bike 45 Min.
Th- Off
F- 7 Miles (Treadmill)
Sat- 6 Miles
Sun- 8 Miles!!

Total: 33 miles (Easy runs around 8:45)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back to Life

After a long break from blogging (unintended), I am back and running again after having my beautiful baby boy. He was born April 21st and weighed 8.0 Pounds and 20.5 inches long. I had a long bout of back labor that pretty much brought me to my knees, but I toughed it out for 24 hours before I decided to have an epidural. After the epidural, I had the baby 6 hours after that. The pushing was about 15 minutes long as he turned in the right direction just in time. Too bad he didn't turn earlier so I didn't have to deal with the pain of back labor. It was worth it though and I'm leaning to walk through the life of motherhood. I'm not going to try and go into all the details of everything to catch up from my last blog post...but the birth of my son (Nathan) is the most important thing.

I started walking a few days after my delivery, which turned into a few miles of walking a weeks later. I started biking 45-50 minutes daily around 3 weeks post delivery...then started very slow running/walking 4 weeks later. After an all clear from my doc at 5 weeks, I have been off an running (if you want to call it that). I know it will be a process to get back into shape, but I'm getting there and am feeling good about running. I still have some aches and pains, but nothing that isn't expected. I am currently 7 weeks post delivery.

I have met the greatest group of women runners who all have had children within the past year. Most of them have actually had babies in the past couple month. It is so great to have such a wonderful support system. We meet about once a week so we can get our runs in, some social time, and have our kids play (well, when they can actually play!). I'm looking forward to watching out kids and our friendships all grow together. What a blessing that is in addition to the friends I already have in my life.

I'm going to be staying home most of the time now to take care of our family. I will be working a few hours a week at our business, and the rest will be stuff at home. Life is so busy right now, but so great at the same time!

So anyway, that is a quick version to my life and I plan on blogging again and keeping things updated with my running. I'm hoping to get back into good shape so I can perhaps get some PR's sometime this year. Maybe a winter or spring Marathon will be in the works. We'll see how things go. Right now I'm at about 30 miles per week with my longest run at 6 miles at about 9:00 pace. I'm hitting 9:01 consistently weather I'm running the the BOB or not. It's kind of funny how that works. I will be at the Flag Day race next week and am looking forward to it. I'll probably be sore as hell from trying to run 8:00 pace...but it's progression. Will keep updated on how thing are going!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

30 Weeks

I'm a little over 30 weeks!!! I can't believe it! It all seems to be going by so fast right so as we have so much going on. My little brother got engaged and was trying to plan a wedding for October...which got postponed to May 2011 (thank goodness....for me). Jason has been traveling quite a bit (which stinks). There are friends we are trying to catch up with. It seems like I'm in and out of some kind of doctors office (dentist, chiropractor, OB...etc).....AND....we are trying to figure out if we can squeeze in a prenatal class. Sigh. We'll see. I have 2 showers coming up in a few weeks (for me!) There just seems to be so much to do and so little time....but it's all good things. Well, maybe except for the bathroom remodel that seems to be getting more and more expensive as we are progressing along.

So I've been seeing a chiropractor and she has done wonders for me. I was not able to walk for a while I was in so much pain with my hips and back. I've been seeing her for 3 or 4 weeks and I feel 100 times better. I can walk without pain, I can workout without a problem, and I can run without any issues from the hips or back. Even though when I sit for a while, or get up from sleeping, my hips get tight, that is very minor compared to the agony I was in a few weeks ago.

Speaking of working out. I've decided to revise my frame of thinking. I was still in the mind set of running 5-6 miles, but (sadly) no more. It just not comfortable and it hypes my body up too much to the point that I can't sleep or relax. I'm finding that working out for 45-60 minutes a day 5-6 days a week work great with mostly "cross training." I do mostly bike and/or elliptical mixed in with some core and yoga stuff. I mix in 2-3 miles of running on the treadmill between cross training segments to break it up. I go by how I feel. I actually feel really good on this little schedule and feel very fit for my situation.

I'm finding that I can start seeing the end of the tunnel from afar. I had a doctor appointment last week and everything looked great. I have gained 18 pounds so far which is actually much less that I thought I would have gained by now. I'm not complaining though. Jason tends to be a worrier as I haven't gained much weight in the lat 6 weeks, but I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I have a hard time eating with my stomach being so smooshed up. I'm finding my hormones are starting to act up again and I'm getting more tired...and of course, the nausea is always there at some point of the day. I took the glucose test which I didn't think was too bad at the time, but I ended up getting pretty sick and feeling ill for a couple days following it. The test, along with my blood work came back great though. I had my Rhogam shot (since I'm a negative blood type) taken care of too. Fun fun fun! The only other small issue is my blood pressure at the doctors office. It has been SKY high the past 2 visits....but only at the office. I've been taking it 2x per day for the past 4 weeks at home and it's actually really good for me. I even had another doctor take it and it's pretty good. For some reason, when I go to the OB office, it's off the charts. The doctor isn't worried since I've been monitoring it, but it just drives me nuts that it's so off. I'm not nervous or anything so I'm wondering if I get a spike in blood pressure when I'm sitting in the hot waiting room, then stand up suddenly when the call my name to the back. I can feel my blood pressure rise along with my heart rate for about 5 minutes....and in that time they take it. I just may ask for them to take it after the appointment. Who knows. I'm just thinking out loud at this point.

Anyway, nothing is perfect I guess and I'm just happy everything is looking as good as it is at this point. We just put up the baby furniture and are starting to collect baby items. I can't believe we are so close to having this little guy so soon. It seems to have been a rather long year for us, but hopefully, everything will finish out well and it will be all worth it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh the pains of growing

It's week 26 already and I can feel every bit of it! I thought I was rolling along pretty nicely the past few weeks. Other then my morning sickness coming up (this time in the morning) and having terrible nights of sleep, everything was pretty much fine.

I got a great new treadmill for Christmas and have been spending a lot of time on it. It's a Nordic Track and I seriously love it. The base is cushioned and feels so much better on my body. From Week 19-25 I was averaging a little over 25 miles per week at around 9:00 pace (5 running days) along with biking and core. I've been feeling very fit for being pregnant. Even though I'm running less then I would have ideally planned on, I'm feeling good. The miles don't bother me...I just want to maintain fitness and health. Sometimes I worry about doing too much, but my body definitely knows how to let me know. That's for sure.

Speaking of Christmas....we had a great one. It was very busy this year and I was exhausted. I'm not sure if that's because I'm pregnant and tried to keep up with everything I do (baking cookies, presents, decorating, etc...) or if if just really was busy. Jason and I decided to spend New Year's Eve and Day home.....relaxing. It was wonderful. We are looking forward to a great 2010.

So back to my pregnancy progression. I had to deal with some groin issues for about 4 weeks which, for the most part, took care of itself in a very slow manner. I was running well for the weeks I mentioned above. Last week I completed a 5 mile run on the treadmill (due to the weather) and my back started to hurt about 30 minutes later. I mean it was a grabbing pain. It felt like my piriformis on steroids. I actually didn't think too much of it. I put a heating pad on it, Jason rubbed it out, then I slept it off. The next day it felt much better. I biked VERY lightly the next day since I didn't feel well then took the day after that off. I just about forgot about the back ache. On Friday, I decided to do a light 3 mile run and some biking. After the workout, I have never experienced so much pain in my life. My lower back or hip was on fire and I couldn't walk. I thought maybe I pulled a muscle or something. Now I'm wondering if it's sciatica. I don't know. Today is Wednesday and I can walk better, but I'm still in quite a bit of discomfort. It's ridiculous. When I ran I didn't feel anything. I know my pregnancy contributed to this, but I'd love to pin point the issue so I can resolve it. I thought I'd give it a week before I called a Chiropractor or something. Argh. My hips really feel like someone is taking a hammer to them. Thanks peanut. This kid better be good.

So anyway, at the moment, I'm on the bike. I can't elliptical since it hurts so much, but the bike and good stretching help a lot. I'm praying this goes away....or at least gets to the point that I can walk without limping and wincing in pain. I look extra pregnant when I walk with this issue. The only thing I can take is Tylonel...and I've only taken 2 since this has happened. I'm not a fan of taking ANYTHING while I'm pregnant though.

In happy news, our last appointment was just before the New Year and it went really well. I've gained 16 pounds at Week 24 at that time with good blood pressure. The babies heart beat sounded good. I'm measuring 1 week ahead again so I hope that is a good thing. I wouldn't mind popping out this kid a wee bit early!! I still worry about everything. I'm always holding my breath at the appointments. It is nice to feel the little guys kicking around like an acrobat though. It gives me a little solice. I just hope he isn't as active and crazy when he is born as he is in my belly....especially at night :)